Friday, 3 February 2012

Taming Angels

So, it's our last day with the Watcher Angel Tarot (SpiralFire Studio, 2010).  It's a deck I've really gelled with, so don't be suprised if it shows its face again :)

Here we have Strength, represented byTuriel, whose name means Rock of God.  I see the chain here as being very metaphorical - what could chain a strong angel to the earth?  His love of a human woman, her passion and gentleness.  He is naked, indicating his vulnerability, while she wears a diaphonous dres, suggesting seduction.  Still, I am surprised that he looks away from her.  Perhaps, despite the fact that he has allowed himself to be tamed, he still sometimes thinks of all that he could do and be if he stood up and pulled away from her.

And what of the woman.  How does it feel to have subjugated a mighty angel?  Does she worry that her love and gentleness will not always be enough, that his desire will wane?

Today, I need to do some role negotiation, which definitely fits with this card.  I'd also like to get some control over my eating.  One may help with the other, as the role issue has been stressing me out.

I am grateful for the Strength to talk things through.


  1. Hi Bonkers,

    Yes, it is rather lovely. Glad you like it :)