Monday, 20 February 2012

Unsticking Things

Following on from this morning's Card of the Day, I decided to take a look at what I can do to help the situation with my presentation and my supervisor this afternoon.  I used the Pathway Spread (Mark Ryan and John Matthews) abbreviated a la Lisa (Tarotize) and used the Wheel of the Year Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).
Situation: Eight of Swords

It's interesting, I've had this card come up a few times in my personal readings, and have either interpreted the image literally - being laid up in bed/ill - or a bit more metaphorically - trapped in feverish thoughts.  This time, though, perhaps given the "counselling" context, I saw it as saying it's a situation where any difficulties come from the people involved not having taken care of their inner child, and needing to do so.  Perhaps both my supervisor and I have been reacting to one another from a place of childish pain.  So, I have to consciously act from an adult perspective, not taking things personally and not reacting hastily.

Action to avoid: XVIII - The Moon

This card says I shouldn't turn my back on the situation, and especially that I should avoid interpreting things in a shadowy way.  I need to stop letting my imagination, or my fears, get in the way of seeing what's really going on.  I also see something here about not trying to just make nice, I have to actually do the work - as shown by the next card.

Action to take: 10 of Wands

Huh, don't like this card much :/  I guess it's saying that I'd better be prepared to put work into this presentation.  I've already spent about 4 hours preparing for it, but I won't be able to coast the two hours today, either.  However, it does suggest that the end is in sight (thank goodness), but I do have this last steep incline to put behind me, first.  I have to admit, this chimes well with what I am expecting - I know that this presentation shows an area where I am weak.  So, I need to be willing to admit that, and to work on it, and to take on board what my supervisor says in this regard, but in a mature way.  Doesn't sound like much fun, but it's only two hours, right?


  1. Hug!

    I hope you get through your presentation and it goes a lot better than expected. I agree it doesn't sound like loads of fun, but hopefully you'll feel a sense of relief!

    Hugs and good luck to you,

  2. Hi MM,

    Thanks for the virtual hug :) It did actually go quite well, though the supervisor "praised" me for being "assertive" even though he had found it "annoying" ;b Still, I think I did avoid getting overly defensive, and I did react as an adult. So, at least the reading helped me feel calmer and react more maturely :)

    Hugs and thanks,