Friday, 17 February 2012

Weekly Video Reading for 18th Feb

This week the video reading is with the Tokens of Light by Orna Ben-Shoshan.  I really like how it came out - I was a little worried about how the Tokens would work in a larger reading, despite Orna suggesting some three and four card spreads.  I needn't have worried, I think they gave a very clear and hopefully useful reading.  Once again, I used the Pathway Spread by Mark Ryan and John Matthews.


  1. Have bookmarked this to watch on the pc as the mac won't let me watch it! Looks like a v interesting deck though!

    Ali x

  2. Interesting. I have a different perspective based on the first card. The people in the first card aren't actually looking at the book. They're holding it and looking away from it but in the same direction. So maybe it means going beyond a book or instructions and working together on fresh solutions. The avoid card shows them with golden balls wandering apart from each other. So maybe they should pool their knowledge (the gold balls, their separate treasures), work together, instead of floundering separately. The action to take, as you say, shows cooperation. So definitely the two should work together, using their own initiative, rather than worrying with how other people have written about it or said you 'should' do it, in that book. Read it, sure, but the cards, to me, indicate to be open to creativity beyond what's in the book. (And is there even any writing on the pages of that book??)

  3. Hi Carla,

    It's funny, one time when I looked at the token, I noticed the way they were looking, but when I did this reading the book jumped out at me far more, so that's what I went with. Still, I really like your interpretation, and taking a closer look you're right, the pages of the book are blank!