Monday, 13 February 2012

The Wisdom of Love

Even the Majors in the Heart Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2009) are not entirely traditional. 

Today I drew the Hierophant.  In this deck the card shows a woman, one hand raised in blessing or explanation, the other holding a narrow glass.  To either side of her are hearts, and the seat on which she sits is carved with two male figures praying, as though to her.

I see great wisdom in this woman, but a gentle wisdom.  I hear her voice saying, "All acts of love are sacred." and "Love is the only answer."  Her bare feet speak of her down-to-earth nature - she does not seek worship, she only wishes to share the ecstatic joy she has experienced communing with spirit.

Today I have supervision at college.  I'm still struggling with my supervisor - I perceive him as highly judgemental.  However, perhaps I need to try to listen with love in my heart to his words: the judgement may be my own.  And even if it isn't, if I can love myself then I can weather his heavy-handed "help".

I also see in this card a reminder that religion or spirituality is not just about faith or about institutions.  At it's best, it is experienced as a deep knowing and a joyful heart.  I shall seek that joy today.

I am grateful for love in all its guises.


  1. lots of wisdom indeed, especially the part about dealing with not so ideal authority figures/mentors :]

  2. Hi Bonkers,

    Seems like everyone has them - not-so-ideal authority figures :/ Still, it was interesting today as he focused on another person in our group. I could see the two of them misunderstanding each other, but I could actually see that, though she felt judged and put on the spot, he was actually trying to be very supportive and complimentary... The difficulties of communication, and how just the fact of there being a power difference gets in the way!

  3. Her hair is what gets me here--or is it a turban coming unwrapped? It's almost weighing her down or tying her to something. I get the feeling that she can't move because she is trapped by her obligations. :D (projection anyone?)

  4. Hi Arwen,

    It's funny, I definitely see it as a turban. And there's something about the way it's unfurling that reminds me a little of Joanna's Ace of Earth. A sense that maybe she's loosening up, no longer rigid, about to release a new something... and maybe that's my projection ;D