Saturday, 10 March 2012

Amethyst Deva

This week I will be drawing from the Temple of Balance Oracle Cards, by Lee-Anne Peters.  If you like the look of them, you can see all the images in this video review.

A clear quartz crystal grows from the figure's ajna chakra (third eye), while more grow from her head, and all around her.  Surrounding her head is an amethyst-coloured aura.  The caption says we can't rush this situation.  Amethyst is a crystal that aids creative thinking and spiritual awareness, as well as acting as a protection from psychic attack.

Bringing all these elements together, I see in this card a suggestion of putting creative thought into a situation, while recognising that the creative spark is just the start of any project.  It also requires structure, like a crystal, to manifest.  So, while this may be a good time for seeing beyond the everyday of a situation, the final result of our ideas may take a while.

That certainly feels relevant to me today.  I am working on several projects including my Masters dissertation.  It is starting to take shape if only in question form for the moment.  Still, having a question, and having decided how to go about asking it, is actually quite a good start.  Now I need to write my protocol, and really get the ball moving...

I am grateful for a clear idea, and the structure to bring it into reality.

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