Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bear - Direction

Today another animal guide comes to speak from the Temple of Balance Oracle Cards (©Lee-Anne Peters).  This time it is Bear.

I find the message associated with this card a little unusual.  Perhaps because I don't really associate Bears with much in the way of planning and accomplishment.  They hibernate in caves, rather than digging buroughs as rabbits do.  They live off the land, rather than farming as some ants do.  They don't work as a team, which some monkeys do, nor do they create beautiful, decorative mating places as some birds do.  Although they must eat enough to have reserves to hibernate over winter, they don't transform in the way that caterpillars do, moving to a different stage of their life.

What I see in the bear is a great deal of strength, and a shamanic connection to healing.  They have a lot of discrimination - choosing only the best if they have enough, but making the most of whatever they can get.  Bears are also very similar to humans in terms of size, sometimes walking upright, and in their expressions.  They are native to large areas of the world, and have been important in the mythology of all of Europe, and the Americas.  We have many common phrases that include bears - "like a bear with a sore head" "bear hug" "bear market" - and there are both male and female names in all European languages that reference bears - Ursula being just one example.  Bears are also smart - they will lay down false trails and double back on hunters tracking them.

For me, then, this card represents being strong and smart, as well as protective of your family, and possibly a healer.  It might indicate the need for a time out, as in hibernation, being similar in that way to the Four of Swords or the Hanged Man in tarot.  I wonder what bears dream about while they hibernate...

Today I shall call on the bear's ability to sleep - I've been up since 4.15am and won't have a chance to sleep til Big Boy leaves for school.  After that, though, my bedroom will become my cave :)

I am grateful for a time out to sleep, perchance to dream.


  1. Oh dear!

    Sorry about your crappy sleep. I, too, had a crappy sleep. Pele was up for a lot of the night, which is unusual. I put it down to her being on antibiotics which I think upset either her stomach or her yeast balance. I'm putting her on full strength probiotics again since they seems to help her stay asleep at night. Weird but true. Yeast overgrowth causes night waking--something I read about doing research on these issues.

    I hope you have a rejuvenating hibernation.

    That's an adorable bear illustration, by the way.

    Much love--I won't be on the internet again until Monday, probably. The earliest connection we could get was Sunday and then my dad's birthday party is Sunday, too, so we'll be preoccupied!

    Lotsa hugs and goodness,

  2. Hi MM,

    I actually had a really good sleep after BB left for school :) Then last night we had an amazing curry, absolutely delicious, but I was then up a couple of times in the night :( Ah well...

    Hope the move goes swimmingly, and that you get set up with everything quickly and easily. And happy birthday to your dad!

    Lotsa hugs to you, too,