Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blind Justice

The Fradella Adventure Tarot (U.S. Games, 2002) is a very masculine deck in many ways, based as it is on comic book heroes.

That can be seen in today's card, Justice, which in many decks shows a female figure.  Here, though, it is a male who stands, with scroll in one hand, and scales in the other.  The backdrop is a courtroom, with American flags flying, a motif echoed in our hero's clothes.  He wears a blindfold over his eyes, and seems to weigh up his options: the letter of the law, or what feels truly just and balanced.  This certainly says something about how, in comic-book-land, it is often a lone, male hero who takes justice into his own hands!

This card fits nicely with traditional interpretations: a situation involving legal matters; questions of justice; weighing up what has gone before.  I like the symbolism of the bound eyes - not letting yourself be swayed by appearances - and also of acknowledging that the letter of the law does not always match the spirit of it.

Today, I shall try to be fair in all my dealings.  It can be easy to get stuck in my own point of view, but this card reminds me to try to see beyond that, to act honourably, and respect the needs of others. I shall try to listen to both sides of any situation, even if I have to give voice to both of them.

I am grateful for the tarot, which can act as a moral compass, shedding light on both sides of any situation.


  1. I like this justice. This is a very very very American deck though, isn't it? Lady Liberty for the Ace of Wands and the Patriot as the Emperor. Do you find those images difficult for you? They certainly work for me.

  2. I think we're all so influenced by American culture that these images certainly don't seem alien to me. So no, I don't find them difficult, but I guess I probably see them differently to how an American would. That being said, different Americans would probably respond in a variety of ways to the images, too :) I really like this deck, in all its red, white and blue glory!