Monday, 5 March 2012

Court Couples 1

Alison Cross has started a wonderful tarot blog called This Game of Thrones looking at those sometimes tricky characters, the Court Cards.  One idea she suggested was drawing pairs of Court Cards and having a think about what their relationship would be like, given their characters and positioning.  I decided it would be a nice idea to do with just one deck (thinking about all the combinations across all my decks made me nearly faint!)  So, I will run a series of these posts, maybe one a week, exploring the Court Cards of the Wheel of the Year Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).

The first couple to come out were the Kings of Swords and Pentacles.  I notice the way they are sitting, almost facing one another.  Yet the King of Swords looks out at us, while the King of Pentacles looks at the King of Swords.  In some ways, I think that's good, it makes the King of Swords look less aggressive - like he's not wielding that sword towards his companion.  Meanwhile, the King of Pentacles might be offering his acorn-engraved pentacle to his fellow King, except that his hand is turned back towards himself.  Look, but don't touch?

I feel these two could well sit together and have an interesting talk.  They could also negotiate a deal between them, both being movers and shakers.  I imagine, though, that whether it was a discussion or a negotiation, they would have quite different perspectives.  Both would consider themselves in the right, and might not really hear or understand the other.  For example, if discussing finances I imagine the King of Swords focusing on the world economic implications, the philosophical background, and the information distribution.  Meanwhile, the King of Pentacles would be focused on the bottom line, and how to actually get what was wanted, when it would happen, and all the other logistics.  When negotiating something, the King of Swords would focus on the ideas behind it, or the copyright and legal issues, while the King of Pentacles would be all about the practicalities and the final price.

I can quite well imagine them as two Vice Presidents of a corporation, and I guess that might be a way in which they could get along quite well.  Each with his own role, top dog of his sector, and therefore able to appreciate what the other brought to the table.

Of course, Kings don't have to represent men, though that is often how they are read.  A King is the most dominant of the suit's court, though not always the strongest (the Queen of Cups, for example, is probably stronger than the King because she can flow with the emotions running through her suit rather than being swamped by them or rigidly trying to control them).  So, these figures could represent a man and a woman, two men, or two women, or anyone else in between.

Imagining this couple in a romantic relationship, the King of Swords always likes to be in the right, can be quite judgemental and disparaging, but is also good at seeing to the heart of things and communicating well when the mood takes him/her.  S/he might like reading, thinking about the ideas behind a TV program, critiquing the latest film or political brouh-ha-ha.

The King of Pentacles can be hedonistic, enjoying all the physical pleasures of life.  Good food and drink, a massage, and any other physical pleasure are all right up his/her street.  S/he is more of a get-on-and-do-things, outdoorsy kind of person.

So, they might argue about what to do in their time together, and miscommunications could be common.  Both would want to "wear the pants" and it would take a fair bit of negotiation for them to agree on things.  The best thing would be to clearly delineate each person's role and responsibilities, and then keep out of the other's domain, or at least learn to put up and shut up when necessary (especially hard for the King of Swords).  Altogether, not a match made in heaven, and others who know them would see them as a very forceful couple.  On the other hand, if they could harness each other's strengths, they'd be set to rule the world :)

What do you see in these cards, and how do you think they would get on in different relationships?  Do you know any "couples" (romantic, business, whatever) that are like this?


  1. air and earth doesn't exactly make for hot and steamy romance... definitely better suited as business partners. and yes, i do know love relationships that are balanced like this elementally. they usually don't last unless both parties agree that friendship is enough.

  2. Okay, I'll say the first silly thing that came to my mind when I saw these two Kings. A couple, the King of Pentacles being all nice and social, while the King of Swords is glaring at everyone, warning them: "Hey, it's MY MAN. Can look but can't touch. But don't look too much either!".

    It's the way he's holding the sword, I get the feeling he's a quiet but very possessive partner who will not have anyone admiring his lover too much.

    But the King of Pentacles? The quiet possessiveness amuses him, and sometimes make him show off even more...

  3. great idea of an exercise this is :]

  4. Thank you for the kind words! What I see when I look at this pair is that one sits in the light while the other one sits in the darkness, so they may complement each other by their differences. I like how the King of Swords has a fire burning and that the King of Pentacles looks like he might be about to toss his gold coin straight into the fire.

    So he's the money man. The King of Swords is the ideas man. :-)

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Good point, I hadn't thought of that aspect of the mix - thanks for bringing it up.

    Hi Marina,

    Had to laugh at your comment. I think I'd see that more if it were the King of Swords with the King of Wands, but hey, it's all good!

    Hi Bonkers,

    Well, the idea is Ali's, I can't take credit there. Still, I'm looking forward to working with it, sticking to this deck, to deepen my understanding of the Courts :)

    Hi Ali,

    As you can see, I did pick just one deck to get to know better ;D I like your take on the dark and light. Not sure about the King of Pents chucking his coin, though. Look at the way his hand is positioned, he's actually defending it while looking like he's open/offering - guards things more than you imagine...