Monday, 12 March 2012

Court Couples 2

The second pair of Courts I have drawn from the Wheel of the Year Tarot, includes again the King of Swords!  And once again he is partnered with a member of the Pentacle Court, this time the Princess (Page).

They are positioned back to back.  From the image it feels as though the Princess of Pentacles is oblivious to the King of Swords, while he looks as though he is well aware of her, but consciously ignoring her.

I imagine the King being rather dismissive of this Page, so caught up in her book-keeping.  Although she is doing a task that is all about information, he looks down on the fact that it is the practical job at hand that most occupies her, with its focus on the material, rather than the wider picture of which it is just a small part.  This King represents someone who thinks he has all the answers, and as such has little time for someone who is just starting on the path to make a place for herself in the world.

As for the Princess, she is dedicated to what she is doing, learning and trying to improve, staying focused on what needs to be done right now.  She is full of life, generally serious, though with a subtle a playful streak.  She can enjoy the counting, making a game of it - how quickly can I add the columns?  Can I use the coins to build a tower at the same time?  Do all the coins weigh exactly the same?  Her play is always practical and adds to her learning, perhaps on different topics to her original purpose, but still related to the physical or material - engineering, dexterity, and so on.

I can well imagine the King of Swords as the Princess' boss, glad to have someone to do the boring, day-to-day accounting work while s/he leads the company with his/her incisive ideas and ability to make important decisions.  On the other hand, I can also imagine, in some unusual circumstances, the Princess being the boss, or at least a high-up (like Chief Technical Officer or Head of Research and Development) - someone like Steve Jobs, for example, who wanted things to be practical and beautiful, who always saw the fun in his work.  A boss like this Princess can do with a good strategist as CFO, and for that the King of Swords is perfect, though he might never quite comprehend his child-like CEO.

As for romantic relationships, although looking somewhat censurious or grumpy here, the King of Swords might be able to appreciate the Princess of Pentacles' gentle playfulness and enjoyment of the physical, though with a slight air of superiority.  The Princess, in turn, might wish for a lover who was a bit more passionate and physical, a bit more practical or even romantic.  I can imagine the King giving the gift of a Kindle or phone, and the Princess appreciating the practical aspects of these.  The Princess is more likely to think of gifting an experience day or food, which the King might appreciate a little less, I fear.

I'm finding this a very interesting exercise, exploring the Courts from this perspective.  I'd love to hear what you make of this couple?


  1. i love how you do these exercises i must say...

    this couple also kinda makes me think of the old-school kinda gender roles, in which the men retreated to the study or smoke room or whatever and talked about politics/world affairs whereas woman were supposed to be in charge of the home, keeping everything running smoothly etc...

  2. Hi Bonkers,

    I'm really enjoying these, too :) An interesting way to look at the court cards.

    I see what you mean about their environments - that's an interesting point. It's tough to get away from stereotypical gender thinking with these courts - I have to keep reminding myself that a man can just as well be a Princess (lol). Maybe I'll do some of these with the Gaian, or another deck where the gender roles are challenged in some way through the court cards...