Thursday, 29 March 2012

Into The Fire

The Maat Tarot (Julie Cuccia-Watts, 2006) offers a somewhat different perspective on the Eight of Cups.

For one thing, the main figure feels female to me, though we can see nothing but her hand.  She sweeps along, black cape flowing behind her, headed towards the light that shines through the trees.  On her shoulder, a raven rests, whispering wise counsel in her ear.  I find this card stunningly beautiful, from the bright flowers to the lush foliage, from the dark cloak and raven to the piercing, enticing sunlight.  Behind her, filigreed cups are stacked neatly yet with a gap to the woman's side, giving the sense of an emotional situation which is tidy, but has left her feeling incomplete.  Hence the figure's spiritual quest, moving away from the everyday. 

Something about this card makes me think of Sarah McLachlin's song "Into the Fire".  Although the element seems wrong (fire instead of water), the sentiment feels right to me - a quest for spiritual enlightenment, for a feeling of oneness.

After a morning of boring business meetings, this afternoon I see my therapist.  I wonder what emotions we will explore today?

I am grateful for moments of spiritual searching.


  1. Actually, to me the card looks as if she is looking over her shoulder at the light, as she moves away from it. If the light were ahead of her, she is veering to the right, and if she continues on that trajectory, eventually that light would end up behind her. To me, it looks like an old goal or ideal that she is taking leave of.

  2. Hi Carla,

    What an interesting perspective! I see her more as stopped to take her bearings towards the light. I love the way images are so open to interpretation, perhaps allowing us to see what we need to see... :)