Sunday, 11 March 2012

Leiah - Healing Priestess

The Temple of Balance Oracle Cards offer us wisdom from spirit teachers in both human, animal and plant form.  Today's card is one of the former, Leiah - Healing Priestess.

The card caption speaks of cycles of change, magic and healing.  I really like the purple bird beside her, as well as the matching colour in her hair and dress.  I notice, too, the conchshell on a necklace right over her throat chakra, which seems to glow, and the shining crescent moon at her third eye.

What all this suggests to me is that healing comes through speaking our emotions, and that to do so we first have to be able to open to the magic of our intuition: to understand what is going on around us and how we are reacting to it.  Wisdom comes from listening to the messages of spirit, and with it comes healing at a soul level.

I'm not too sure about the cycle of change, but I could certainly do with some healing, at a banal level.  I've had a cough for a couple of weeks, and while it's not dreadful, it's also not going away.  I wonder, too, if I can open myself to the messages of spirit today.  In keeping with this week's video reading, I shall focus outward, not just in terms of spending time with others (my MIL is coming this morning), but also in terms of keeping my eyes and ears open for what nature can tell me.

I am grateful for healing in all its guises.

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