Monday, 26 March 2012

Maat Tarot Couple

Once again, I am using the exercise suggested by Alison Cross in her This Game of Thrones blog to explore Court Cards.  This week I decided to break away from the Wheel of the Year Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011) and instead use the Maat Tarot (Julie Cuccia-Watts, 2006).  The two I drew are the Queen and King of Coins (Pentacles).

In the Queen of Coins I see a wo/man who is sensible and practical, resourceful and family-oriented.  S/he is willing to be open, and always has some new project in the pipeline, be it a scarf s/he's knitting, a recipe s/he's creating, or a business proposal s/he's putting forward.  Elementally, as water of earth, she is the part that nourishes new growth.

As for the King of Coins, in this deck he is represented by Osiris.  Here, Osiris has been tricked by his brother Set - jealous of Osiris' wealth and happiness - into getting into a jewel-encrusted sarcophagus.  Set then sends Osiris floating off down the Nile, until Isis is able to find and rescue him.  As such, this card speaks of someone who is "boxed in" by their own desire for wealth and status, trapped by their attachment to decadence.  As fire of earth, at least in this somewhat negative take on the archetype, he is earth that has been baked by the sun into a rigid lump.  While fire and earth can create beautiful porcelain and useful crockery, if the clay is unformed before the process takes place it becomes no good to anyone.

As a romantic couple, I notice that the Queen has turned her back on the King.  She is unimpressed by his lack of openness, his decadence.  While she is focused on growth and helping others, he may be wealthy, but is also selfish and emotionally unavailable.  I can imagine them as a woman who works hard to support her family, and makes the most of what she can find, make or do, while he may overindulge in food and alcohol, and always wants designer clothes or a new car, to the detriment of those around him. 

In a business context, once again the Queen is unimpressed.  The King might be a boss - s/he has that element of command and plenty of presence - but that doesn't mean that s/he works in the company's best interests, rather than his/her own.  S/he could also be an upstart who reckons him/herself, but is more concerned with status than with progress.  The Queen, on the other hand, whether a boss or a regular worker, thinks creatively and is a team player.  S/he is careful and meticulous, aware of the bottom line without allowing it to control her/him.

Despite being of the same element, these two don't seem like a good match in any context.  Perhaps this is partly due to this King of Coins being rather the Rx aspects of that archetype.  However, if I had pulled the King first, then the Queen would have been looking towards him, trying to support him, adding to his box of wealth.

I really enjoy this exercise, allowing both the archetypal energies and the actual images and the way they interact to influence my explorations!  If you give it a go, do let me know :)


  1. The King and Queen of Coins in MAAT Tarot are associated with the full moon cycle of Capricorn (traditional medieval astrology Cancer Sun) for the Queen and the full moon cycle of Aquarius (traditional medieval astrology Leo Sun) The queen is in the process of trying to get her power back, the exercise of placing coins back in your treasure chest was an creative visualization someone gave me years ago for restoring energy after a negative encounter. This Queen as Isis has lost her mate Osiris and doesn't know where he is. The King has unfortunately made poor assessments regarding the trustworthiness of his own brother and finds himself boxed in. The King is not very intuitive and must use a well thought out list of specified criteria to judge who he will do business with. Think of a banker who lends money based on criteria...this list is often still lacking as judgments based on money often are...he needs the queen to assist him as her intuition is excellent.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Not surprisingly, your reading of these cards add several extra dimensions - many thanks for that. It's funny, the positive side of several of these Courts doesn't really come through (at least to me) from the text on the app (and I will confess I haven't dug the book out for every card). I love the idea of visualising placing coins in your treasure chest to reclaim your power!