Monday, 5 March 2012

Moon on Water

On this grey and dreary Monday, the Moon from the Mystic Spiral Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2012) shows her face.

The Majors are, for the most part, fairly traditional in this deck, as shown by this card.  One difference is that in traditional versions we see a path leading off towards the moon between two towers.  Here, though, it is natural rocky outcroppings that frame that stellar body, and the path is one traced in moonlight on the water below. 

The path the moon draws for us is not an easy one to follow.  It is full of deep emotions and undercurrents, and the rocks to either side may catch us unawares, shadowed and uneven as they are.   Even when we think the path is straight, we may find that as we follow it we get turned around, and end up somewhere other than where we thought we were going.

Today I have already metaphorically bumped into something hard, with fears and shadows all about.  I just read the case file for a new client, and I wonder if I should ask for someone else to take it on.  Quite a few things cut a little close to home.  Which of course means that I may be the best person for the job, if I can avoid tripping over the rocks.  And it could help me as much as them.  Or we could both stumble together.  I shall have to have a think about this, talk it over with a couple of therapist friends, and maybe take it to my supervisor this afternoon.

I am grateful not to have to take such a hard decision without some external insight.

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