Monday, 19 March 2012

Paint a Journey with New Life

©Maria Caratti & Antonella Platano
Well here we are at the second, Ostara, Tarot Blog Hop.  Welcome to those who have jumped in from Priestess Tarot's blog.  And if you found your way here by some other means, I hope you'll consider hopping around to see what other joys are on offer today. 

Ostara marks a time of new beginnings, the true start of Spring.  Donnaleigh Delarose (who did a great job organising this round of the Blog Hop) chose the title, which I take to be about how to bring new colour to this journey we call life.  So, being very literal-minded, I decided to break it down into its constituent parts, and draw three cards from the Wheel of the Year Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2011).  I'll call this the Colouring the Canvas Spread.  Yep, I've remembered to name it this time, Arwen ;)

©Maria Caratti & Antonella Platano
1) The canvas - what area of my life needs some colour: Six of Pentacles

The area of my life that I need to focus on is the balance between what I give and what I receive.  Do I give too much or too little? Do I allow myself to receive all I deserve?

I can admit, this is an area I find challenging. How do I know what the right balance is?  For example, I sometimes feel quite exhausted taking care of my son.  But does that mean that I'm giving too much? Or just that I'm not receiving enough, perhaps from other sources?

This card is often associated with charity, but there too questions arise.  I volunteer at a bereavement centre, donating my time, paying for my travel, I even print out at home the forms I have to fill in for admin.  Yet I get something from it, too, as I need to work as a counsellor in a voluntary capacity if I ever want to become a registered psychotherapist.  The lack of pure altruism has been argued by many philosophers.  Even in cases less obvious than mine the volunteer gains something, be it human contact, a sense of self-worth, or simply a feeling of joy at being of assistance.  In many ways, I would suggest that there can be no pure altruism because we are all inextricably interrelated.  And that's not a bad thing. 

So, perhaps what this card points to is a need for me to bring new colour to my place in the web of interconnections that is life. 

©Maria Caratti & Antonella Platano
2) The paints - what changes can I make: Ten of Pentacles

What new colour do I need to brighten my interconnectedness?  The Ten of Pentacles to me represents happiness, a sense of being part of something greater than myself, and a valuing of what I have inherited from those who have gone before. 

One thing that jumps out at me here is the idea that I need to bring a greater sense of peace and security to my role as part of a family.  For all of 2010 and 2011 I was very focused on my Masters course.  Now, though, I have the opportunity to look more to my family, to enjoy being a part of it.  The aspect of inheritance makes me think of my parents, who have had some health issues over the last year.  I should make the most of my time with them, too.  Perhaps, also, there is a suggestion to focus on the practical in terms of all my relationships, and to value them.

©Maria Caratti & Antonella Platano
3) The brushes - what tools do I need to do this: Queen of Swords

What skills, then, will help me in this endeavour?  I am a little surprised to see the Queen of Swords here.  Somehow I would have expected a Cups card.  Still, the Queen of Swords as Water of Air can be seen as someone who turns her mind towards other people and their emotions.  As such, at her best she is empathetic without being overly emotional, rational without being hard.

In some ways, this is a very nice card to get, since I associate myself with the Queen of Swords anyway.  So, this says that to achieve what's wanted I have to bring to the fore skills that I am already comfortable with.  I need to assess my current role in my various relationships, and think about how I can be emotionally more in balance with those around me.  Taking the time to value the people in my life, and also value what I offer them as well as what I receive.

Hmm, I shall have to ponder this awhile, I think...

The next stop on this Tarot Blog Hop journey is with Lina at In Thirteen Moons.


  1. Another interesting post, and a good spread: thanks, Chloe :)

  2. Lovely spread. I tried it and got the 4 of Swords, Death and the 5 of Wands. Just like with your reading, the final card took me by surprise... Will have to meditate on this. Thank you!

  3. Yep, that Queen of Swords is a bit mercurial (well, according to the Golden Dawn system, she rules the last decan of Virgo, ruled by Mercury...) By the way, I like how you indicate copyright information on each card. I need to do that on my blog!

  4. Hi Chloë!!

    I'm back online. Wooo.

    This spread reminds me that i need to get back to my wall painting. LOL. But really--I want to try this spread! I thought the cards actually made sense and liked your interpretations.

    I also agree with not knowing when your'e doing enough or too much of a certain thing. It's very confusing. I guess that's why we have to reassess things often and not stagnate. My problem lately is the tendency to fall into a comfortable (or painful) rut and stick there.

    Hugs to you--hope you have a swell one.

  5. Nice spread. That Queen of Swords is not a happy easter bunny though (obviously didn't get any chocolates from Snow White for mothers' day :)

  6. Oh I suppose you think you are FUNNY, woman. Calling me out that way. LOLOLOL! But great spread and on my list of ones to try. :D

  7. Fantastic post, as always Chloe, thank you! And as Arwen, Ania and everyone else has said: I'm going to have to try that spread!! Nice one honey :)

  8. Love, love, LOVE your spread, Chloe! I enjoyed the way you used this deck, too.

  9. ooo, women who associate themselves with the queen of swords are hot. just sayin'

    wuups, goodness gracious who got in there and said that! thank you for a creative spread.


  10. Aack, sorry to take so long to respond - my little one has been ill. Thanks for the positive feedback, and apologies if I haven't yet commented on your posts - I'm hoping to finish hopping this weekend!!

    Lisa, will look forward to hearing what your meditations bring you - the 4 of Swords and Death seem to go quite well together as Canvas and Paints, but I'm not sure what to make of the 5 of Wands, either. Might depend which deck you used...?

    Arwen, I hope you know I'm just teasin', a special kind of joy at past jokes shared :)

    MM, interesting point about getting stuck in a rut if we aren't sure about what the right balance is, I shall have to think on that. In the meantime, hope your real life painting is going well :)

    Zanna, Ania and Claire-Marie, I have to admit, this Queen of Swords isn't the most happy looking lady - not really in your hot category, CM ;) I totally agree, Ania, she reminds me of the evil stepmother in Snow White :o Still, I am a fan of the Queen of Swords in general, a woman who knows and speaks her own mind, but can temper that with wisdom from past experience and empathy. Here's hoping...

    Viv, Manda, and Louise, loved your posts, too :) Nice little trio from the Devil to the Star, Viv, and a great journeying spread, Manda. I loved your exploration of the Empress, Louise, so very apt for Ostara!

    Spring blessings one and all :)