Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ShadowFox and Light

Yesterday, I received the ShadowFox Tarot (Schiffer, 2010) which I had resisted for quite some while.  I find the images less visually challenging in person than I had feared from what I'd seen on-line.  There, they had seemed almost like visual illusions that make my eyes feel like they're twisting inside out :o

So, after my initial favourable impression, I decided to do a little reading with the deck, to try it out in practice.  As the images are all about shadows and light, that's what I designed a spread around :)

1) Where in my life am I manifesting light? - Moon

I am manifesting light in my work with intuition, and with my ability to sit with uncertainty.  I am accepting the cycles of life, and working with them rather than struggling against the tide.  I see this referring to Big Boy - I think I am managing his cycles (mainly of health and sickness) better.  I am trusting my intuition more, too, both in my family life, my tarot work and in my work as a counsellor.

2) Where in my life am I manifesting my shadow? - Queen of Pentacles

I am manifesting my shadow in the area of my work life: I have not been doing the work I know I need to do!  Look at that cute bunny by her side - so creative.  Not me, though.  In the four months since the taught part of my Masters finished, I have done little or nothing towards my dissertation, except feel bad about it. 

However, just this morning I started doing some research on the topic, and have got 6 books on the way.  I plan to research articles as a next step, and hopefully print some out, rather than having to go in to college to read them.  So, still taking a somewhat lazy approach to the whole thing, but at least I've got a little momentum going.

3) What can I do to improve this situation/balance? Three of Pentacles

Well, basically, I just need to get on with the work!  I see, too, the suggestion of getting help: building up a team of people I can talk with about it.  Already, there's one good friend from my course who I meet with quite regularly, and we've been helping and supporting one another.  It doesn't hurt that we were in the same Research Methodology tutorial group, so we already know one another's ideas and plans. 

Also, my mum is a really good resource - she used to be a degree-level teacher of sociology, so she knows a bit about how to research and write things up academically ;)  And she's been encouraging me to contact my godmother, who was a professional qualitative researcher for decades, as well as a University lecturer in the subject.

I think this spread worked well, and I found the images quite expressive and easy to read.  I can well imagine using this deck quite regularly, and wonder what other types of reading it might be especially suited to.  What do you think?


  1. I don't have the deck - for the reason that you mention - the images seemed to confuse my eyes whenever I saw them online. Although I DO like the images!

    Glad to hear that you are making inroads into your dissertation. Nibble away at it and soon you will find that you have eaten the whole thing.

    At least, that's what happens when I have a bar of chocolate.... ;-)

  2. Hi Ali,

    Maybe I'll have to show you it in person, I think it's quite different :)

    Hmm, not sure I can see the comparison between a dissertation and a chocolate bar. I'm left with a yen for a chocolate chunk biscuit, though ;D

  3. What a beautiful reading! I liked the way it worked out.

    I am not sure if I like the deck but I wouldn't know unless I worked with it.

    I am sort of shocked and awed at all the impressive academically-oriented folks in your family. Wow! Very swords-ish. My family is full of creative types and hardcore attachment parents. I guess I fall under both of those headings. Sometimes I wish I wasn't that way but it's so hardwired into my personality and legacy.

    I am (almost) feeling the call of taking a class but I can't imagine doing a full degree at this time. I can see how intensely fulfilling and consuming a field of study could be.

    Also made me happy to hear you're trusting your instincts more with BB.

    Much Love,

  4. Eww, I don't like it! Glad you got a useful reading from it, though!

  5. Hi MM, hi Carla,

    I thought, for two years, that I wouldn't like this deck. However, I finally decided to give it a go, and the images are much easier to read in person. It's weird, because often I think that scans look better than the actual card - you can see more detail - but not in this case!

    Anyhow, as you both say, the reading was helpful, which is the main thing :)

    As for taking a class, MM, you might find it restimulated you, plus you might get to meet other folks with similar interests. Still, you have to find your own path :)