Friday, 2 March 2012

Weighing Things Up

For this final day with the Vampire's Tarot of the Eternal Night (Lo Scarabeo, 2009) the Two of Pentacles comes to visit.

With his head bowed in thought, this figure tries to choose between two pentacles.  To my eyes, both are the same.  This says something about how we choose between things which really, from an outside perspective, are no different from one another, yet often the difference may seem incredibly important to us.  I also notice the window behind him, dark on the left, and light on the right (I think that's a full moon shining in over his shoulder).  A balance, then, is necessary in making this choice.  We need to think about the consequences of our choice, and examine which calls to our shadow and which to our higher self.

Today is a day of visits - my mum is coming for lunch, then a dear friend is coming to stay the night.  She and I have a choice to make, which to some might seem like no choice at all.  Yet the factors, from our perspective, are complicated.  At least there are two of us to talk it over and examine the options.

I am grateful for choices shared.

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