Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wolf - Nurturer

After three "people" cards from the Temple of Balance Oracle Cards (©Lee-Anne Peters), today we receive wisdom from an animal spirit - Wolf.

The caption speaks of nurturance and protection, and of wolf sitting by our side.  For me, the wolf as a pack animal also represents support and having a place in the world, the companionship of shared interests.

This card came up in the weekly video reading I did last Friday.  One aspect that reading raised was the question of why we might need nurturing?  For example, those who nurture others often seem to forget that they also need nurturing, and need to nurture themselves.  When we care for others, we can sideline ourselves.  Whatever the situation, though, the message is clearly one of getting support in whatever way we can and need.

Still, for me this card speaks today to my pack instinct: who is a part of that, and why?  Some friends are coming to visit this afternoon, with their three kids.  I have known him for over half our lives, and he introduced me to my Dear One.  Now, I am goddess-mother to his eldest daughter.  Well, he probably wouldn't put it quite like that ;)  The bond runs deep, and despite sometimes having issues, he is someone I trust, a part of my chosen pack.

I am grateful for my various chosen tribes.

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