Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Alchemist

As I've already mentioned, this week I will be drawing from the Incidental Tarot, by Holly DeFount (2012).

For this first draw, I pulled the Alchemist.  This would be the Knight of Swords in traditional RWS terms, but I love the fact that, for all the Pages/Princesses and Princes/Knights, Holly has replaced their hierarchical titles with more action-based titles, such as the Muse (Princess of Cups), the Oracle (Princess of Swords), the Bard (Knight of Cups), and the Builder (Knight of Pentacles).

What we have here is a young man, keenly studying a beaker.  It seems as though a white bird is inside a red liquid, flying upward as though seeking to release itself.  He is also holding a quill (the suit of Swords is renamed Quills in this deck) and writing on a parchment.  So, an early scientist, probing the nature of the universe, and perhaps of the human soul.  There is also a sun in the corner above his head, suggesting his masculine energy and drive, as he clearly works through the night, as seen out the window behind him. 

I get the sense of someone who is intellectually curious, rigorous, and determined - nothing will stop him in his search.  In the negative, this kind of single-mindedness can be quite assertive, if not aggressive.

No time for studying or other intellectual pursuits for me today, as I've got Big Boy for a big chunk of the day.  Perhaps, though, I could apply my mind to exploring new games with him, or working on his communication skills...  In the evening a friend is coming over, and we always have fascinating talks, and might do some readings together :)

I am grateful for the stimulation of every day.


  1. I love the storybook feel of this deck. Nice lines and color. I totally agree with you in preferring the court cards described in an active or keyword sort of way instead of the usual, vague 'knight' 'page', etc...

    Hope you had a good time with your friend. :D

    p.s. I adore the image of the beaker with a bird inside. That would make such a cool painting or necklace or something...don't you think??

  2. Hi MM,

    Just wait, this deck really is lovely!

    As for my friend, she didn't come in the end as she was feeling poorly :( Ah well, we've rescheduled for next week *crosses fingers*

    Ooh, I think I see what you mean - have the beaker shape as a pendant, with the dove rising :)

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday.