Monday, 16 April 2012


Not a very authoritarian or imposing Emperor this, from the Ferret Tarot (Elaine Moertl, 2003).

With four crying kiddies, he's certainly got his arms full.  Will his rules and boundaries be enough to calm the storm?  How can he impose order on the chaos children bring?  So far, he doesn't seem very confident in his ability to cope.

To me, this card says something about the fact that just telling people what they should do or feel doesn't always (often?) work.  Clear boundaries need to be lived, and maintained.  It also speaks of the caring which the Emperor expresses, sometimes through discipline and structure, sometimes through what he builds and creates.

I certainly feel a bit like this ferret today.  Although I just have the one child, he can certainly be a handful.  Big Boy needs to go to the doctor's again, which has put paid to my plans for the day.  He often enforces a different structure on my day than I would choose.  Still, at least I can ring in the morning and get an appointment on the same day to see someone.

I am grateful for the National Health Service, however flawed.


  1. Sorry to hear that Big Boy has to go to the doctors today :-( The NHS has many flaws, but it's still the best in the world, isn't it?

    As far as the Emperor goes, I totally agree with everything you say here. I love this image, it's so Un-Emporery on he surface yet, he has the kits in his embrace which allows them to wail in safety (even though he looks bamboozled and knackered)

    Hope all goes well at the docs (((hug)))

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the hugs, could do with them. And yes, the NHS is still great, I feel very lucky for it, and it's one reason we haven't left the country ;)

    I guess, with him looking not particularly happy it does add the layer of thinking that maybe those authority figures we fight aren't actually authoritarian because they like it, but because they really feel it's necessary...


  3. VERY TRUE. I wish the US would get with the program, but we're too divided and brainwashed against any concept nearing socialism.

    Anyyywayyy...I'm so sorry about BB and the doc-hope it's nothing too serious. These cards are very whimsical. I'm glad they aren't scratch and sniff--I hear ferrets are stinky.

    Big Hugs,

  4. Hi MM,

    Ha ha, scratch and sniff tarot cards - maybe you should sell the concept!

    I find it weird to even think of health care as being related to socialism, as that's so far from the case here. It really is such a blessing. Anyway... We got some medicine, and he's doing better and has been back at school the last two days, for the first time in 5 weeks! Progress, and a relief :)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,