Monday, 16 April 2012

Ferret Court Couple

A lot of enthusiasm in today's couple, as the Ferret Tarot (Elaine Moertl, 2003) shows us the relationship between the King and Page of Wands.  Using Ali's ideas about how court cards might get on, let's take a look at these two.

The King of Wands is rocking out, doing his/her thing.  S/he keeps busy, and loves what s/he does, always active and enthused.  However, it does mean s/he doesn't always pay much attention to other people.  It's a little ironic, s/he's a people person, others are drawn to his/her charisma and energy, and if s/he turns his/her attention on them s/he will be really there with them.  The rest of the time, though, it's almost as if they don't exist.  S/he is aware of them for what they believe in or do, but may not connect with them at an emotional level.

As for this ferret Page of Wands, s/he is a bit all over the place.  Everything is so interesting, but s/he has little or no focus.  Also, little sense of decorum, subtlety or diplomacy.  S/he gets into everything, and when excited s/he will shout it from the rooftops.  This is another Earth of Fire mix (the opposite of the King of Pentacles), and altogether s/he can be a bit brittle, spread a little too thin.  I see the Page trying to get the King's attention, and s/he may feel hurt at times when s/he doesn't succeed.  

Be it a child/parent, friends, colleagues or lovers relationship, this couple have the potential for a lot of mutual understanding - the King has probably been the Page at another time in their life.  Still, two fire signs together can be a quite combustible combination.  And the difference in their maturity levels may leave them sometimes feeling like the other is from another planet, despite (or perhaps because of) their similarities.  When someone seems so similar, it can be difficult to understand how they can also be so different.

What do you think of this pair?  Do you see them more as parent and child, or some other dynamic?


  1. I can image the Page doing a *roll eyes* at his/her parent who is up for getting Down and With The Kids, much to their kids total embarassment :-)

    Ali x

  2. Ha ha, Ali, luff it! I can tell you're the parent of a nearly teenager :D