Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ferret Fight

Once again, Elaine Moertl manages to express so much in a simple, black-and-white ink drawing!  Here we have her Devil card, from the Ferret Tarot (2003).

A bat-winged, scrawny black-tailed ferret fights an angel-winged, bushy white-tailed ferret over the head of a ferret who looks on and laughs.  Like cartoon angels and devils telling us what is right and wrong, and shaking their heads in disappointment if we don't follow their advice, this ferret seems to have a decision to make.  We can only guess what choice or temptation is being faced, but there are almost always several sides to any question.

There are sometimes good reasons to follow the guidance of our shadow side.  All work and no play, as the saying goes.  Being overly rigid, disciplined and righteous is not only annoying to others, but can also suck the joy and life from us.  However, always giving in to temptation doesn't lead to a happy life, either, as there are always consequences to our actions.

Today, I'm in business meetings all day.  One of the urges I may have to resist is giving in to boredom.  Arguments that go around and around in circles, between people who've been having a variant of the same argument for the last five years or more.  Fun - not!  I guess I also see the the fact that I will be alone tonight, and may need to channel my energy where I want it, with the temptation to just eat something comforting.

I am grateful for positive channels for my frustration, and for the subtlety of phone tarot apps ;)

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