Friday, 20 April 2012

Happy Families?

We end this week of draws from the Ferret Tarot (Elaine Moertl, 2003) with a Happily Ever After :)

Here, in the Ten of Cups, we see a ferret family, suggesting Mommy, Daddy and Little 'Un.  The parents gaze at one another lovingly, coming in for a family hug, with Junior reaching for Mum from Dad's arms.  There is no suggestion here of trouble in paradise, but in my usual slightly cynical manner, I wonder whether ferrets have multiple litters?  Certainly, the Emperor card earlier in the week suggested they do.  And if so, what has happened to the rest of the litter?  While we may see the sunny side of life, family always has its trials and tribulations, too.

Today, I return to my family.  Even though the trip was only short, I shall be glad to see them again.  It may sometimes feel easier to cope with work than with family issues, but I still wouldn't give them up for the world.

I am grateful for family cuddles.


  1. Interesting card! Dad looks quite cheerful while handing the young'un over to Mum. Mum appears to have a serious though welcoming expression on her face. The following phrase springs to mind, "Too much of a good thing." I love my family, and loved being with my son when he was younger but it's good to get a break now and then! :D

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Oh, I'm definitely there with you that a break is vital. I always recommend to people with young kids that they make a point of having some couple time, too. And also that everyone needs some me-time. Not always easy, but so important!