Monday, 9 April 2012

Hard Work

The Silenus Tarot (Mike Indovina, 2009) today offers us a commentary on back-breaking work and responsibility. 

In this mythologically-themed deck, the Ten of Wands shows Sisyphus pushing a boulder up hill.  Having acted in an avaricious, deceitful and murderous way, annoying several different Greek deities, he was condemned to forever push a rock up a slope only to have it roll back down, requiring him to begin again.  So, this adds elements of thanklessness and compulsion to the hard task taken on in this card.  Sisyphus would gladly put down his burden: he did not take it on by saying yes to too many projects or being enthusiastic about too many things - ideas often associated with the Ten of Wands.  In that respect, this card might be seen as more to do with the unending grind of work we "have" to do, rather than choosing.

Being on holiday, the responsibilities I shoulder today are somewhat different from the 9-5 grind.  However, there are still things I may not want to do, but have to.  Like changing nappies, cooking, cleaning, and enforcing discipline - these things don't go away just because we're not at home.

Today, this card brings a song to mind, Pink's Dear Mr President.  I guess it's a reminder that there are many kinds of burden, and a commentary on those who say they are being responsible, but who may not really appreciate the needs of those they are being "responsible" for.  Hmm, I may need to ponder that one: am I taking on too much responsibility, denying Big Boy (or perhaps my Dear One) some of his independence...

I am grateful for help shouldering the responsibilities of family life.

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