Thursday, 26 April 2012

Incidental Tarot Interview

Starting on Saturday, I will be blogging with this unusual, self-published deck: the Incidental Tarot by Holly DeFount (2012).  You can find Holly on Facebook, too, where she showcases new art and sometimes offers free readings!

Although I'm not often a fan of decks with non- or semi-illustrated pips, I was won over by the Incidental Tarot.  Due to the variations in colour and composition on the pips, I still find the Minors very expressive. As for the Majors, they are beautiful; warm and generous, homey yet unusual. 

I decided to start off by interviewing the deck, to get a feel for it.  As I have done before, I used an interview I designed, based on the four elements and spirit, and this time I also added in the quintessence card (a first for me).

What can you teach me about inspiration?  Six of Quills (Swords)

Inspiration first requires balance.  It also benefits from lots of different potential options and ideas.  Both thoughts and emotions turn the wheel of life, and it is through the movement that is created that we find inspiration.  All these aspects must be brought together, and focused, before we can find our centre, where passion and inspiration reside.  Let inspiration move you.

What can you teach me about emotion?  Seven of Quills (Swords)

We start off with pure emotions, but the messages and experiences of life affect us, transforming us and our emotions.  Those changes make us more focused, but they can also darken our hearts and bring anger, sadness and depression to us.  Still, the innocence and potential for joy continue to reside within us.  We simply have to peel away the layers to find them again.  Sometimes that can be a serious process, sometimes it can come through a message from the divine, and sometimes it is laughter that washes away the darkness.  There is always the potential for pain and suffering, but also the potential for joy.  The choice is yours.

What can you teach me about my thoughts?  The Oak Key (Ace of Pentacles)

You can unlock the potential for growth and positive manifestation in yourself through your thoughts.  However, it is not the thoughts alone that are required, but the desire to manifest them.  A thought, an idea, is the jumping off point which, with energy and dedication added, will bring beautiful things to fruition.

What can you teach me about manifestation?  The Rose King (King of Cups)

What you need to manifest right now is kindness, compassion and forgiveness, both for yourself and for others.  An open heart is the first step to creating what you want in life.  This is not just about love for your fellow beings, but also love for the divine.  It is not a pure and innocent love, but a full-bodied, passionate love, which can be expressed physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

What can you teach me about spirit?  The Builder (Knight of Pentacles)

A connection to spirit requires dedication and consistency.  It takes work and devotion.  Spirituality is not only about meditation or prayer, but can also be expressed through material creativity.  Build what you want in terms of spiritual connection.  Don't expect it to just come to you: plan, design and create it consciously and with determination.

What is your quintessence?  IV - The Emperor (6+7+1+14+12=40=4)

I am structured, organised and authoritative.  I take things seriously, but the discipline I require is not just about wanting my own way.  Rather, I create structure that nurtures and allows growth.  I am the one who plans the garden, lays out the beds, puts in sticks and arbours to train the plants, and weeds to keep order, which allows everything to flourish.  I am very much of the earth, practical and stable.  Turn to me when you need clarity and down-to-earth advice.

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