Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Jason and the Clashing Rocks

As I've mentioned before, I find some of the Silenus Tarot (Mike Indovina, 2009) Court Cards a little tricky to understand.  That isn't the case with today's card, though :)

Here we have Jason on his ship the Argo, sailing through the clashing rocks.  These rocks were said to smash together, breaking any ship that tried to pass between them.  However, Jason had been warned by Phineus of the danger, and how to get around it.  Jason released a dove through the rocks, which clashed together just catching the dove's tail feather.  Then the Argonauts raced through the gap as fast as they could, while the rocks were still resetting, getting through with just a slightly splintered stern ornament.  After this, the rocks stopped clashing forever (perhaps they represent the Knight of Wands Rx - getting pouty because they were foiled).

This bit of mythology expresses perfectly my appreciation of the Knight of Wands as someone who is daring and courageous, perhaps a little foolhardy, but with a fair bit of charisma to encourage others to follow his lead.  He may not have the staying power of the King of Wands, but he's still quite a force to be reckoned with!  He can move quickly and decisively, and is also a people person, earning other people's liking and help.

Today, we plan to visit a Chateau here in the Loire Valley.  Doesn't seem an especially brave thing to do, except for the fact that Big Boy is rarely keen on such sight-seeing trips.  And given Big Boy is likely to start grinching after just a short time, I can see us potentially just giving up part way through.  Ah, well, even a bit of culture is better than none at all, right?!

I am grateful that I don't care much about this Chateau, so I won't be disappointed at not seeing much of it... fatalistic, much?


  1. is all this info about the mythology in book that comes with deck, or do you just know that much? if the former, sounds like a good way to learn stuff while reading! if the latter, color me impressed.

  2. Hi Bonkers,

    I have to admit to a little help from Google and especially Wikipedia in writing these mythologically based posts :) I did know bits of most of these myths, but enjoyed using this deck as a reason to take a refresher course. As for the LWB, if you take a look at the video review (http://innerwhisperscouk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/silenus-tarot-review.html) you'll see it is currently VERY little! However, Mike tells me he's in the process of finishing up a proper companion book :) Keep your eyes peeled, there'll be up-dates here when it's done!

  3. Hiya Arwen,

    Don't tell me you hadn't seen this deck before! Or is the ooh for the forthcoming companion book? :)