Sunday, 8 April 2012

Music Competition

I find some of the Court Cards in the Silenus Tarot (Mike Indovina, 2009) a little challenging, which is not a bad thing.  It makes me stop and think about my own preconceptions concerning these people cards.

Here we have the Page of Pentacles, who represents Marsyas, a satyr who challenged the god Apollo to a music contest.  As such, Mike's keywords for the card are study and development.  In that, I certainly see what I would consider traditional attributes of this Page.  However, music is something that I would more normally attribute either to Swords (element of Air, which transmits sounds, as well as to do with communication) or Cups (for the emotional impact of music).  Still, the competitive aspect, and the studying, do chime with my feelings towards the Page of Pentacles.  I guess I tend to see this Page as very much about the physical - it has come up for me with reference to my yoga practice time and again.  Playing an instrument feels far less grounded, to me.  Ah, preconceptions. 

As a satyr, Marsyas is certainly quite earthy, with a strong physicality.  And in the competition with Apollo, the sun god, he is clearly the earth-bound aspect of the duo.  I like the mountain peaks in the background, a reminder that studying anything, no matter how material, is a path to higher truths.  I am reminded of Rachel Pollack talking about spirituality needing to be grounded, and so seeing Pentacles as also being connected to spirit, despite their earth element association.  I guess I see all of that here.

Today is Easter Sunday.  Big Boy is going to take part in his first ever Easter Egg Hunt :)  I see him in this Page of Pentacles: competing to find eggs, learning about playing nicely with others, and studying the lay of the land to find things which have been hidden.

I am grateful for new challenges.

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