Sunday, 22 April 2012


Today's image from the Astrological Reading Cards (Findhorn Press, 2012) is rather magical.

I really like the underwater feel of this card, with a mermaid, a sea-unicorn, and dolphins.  The castle off in the distance seems as though on the cliffs above the water.  There is a feeling of movement and light, of being drawn upwards, to illumination.

For me, Neptune is associated with the sea, with deep and powerful emotions and forces.  Here, though, a rather brighter aspect is highlighted.  The card speaks of fantasies, yearnings, longings and potential for illusion.  It seems in some ways to combine the Seven of Cups and the Moon from tarot, and yet still with an overall positive feel. 

At the moment, I am longing for sleep.  Yesterday, a delivery person turned up two hours early, waking me and my Dear One - not happy bunnies!  That was after I'd gone back to bed, as Big Boy always has me up early (5am counts as a lie-in for him).  Then again, I wonder how much my idea of being able to sleep is just a fantasy.  When I was away for two nights, I slept through on the first (really needed it), but woke several times the second night.  Before Big Boy rocked up, I used to be up at 4am sometimes with insomnia.  Is a decent night's sleep just a castle in the sky for me?

I am grateful for days I don't feel exhausted.


  1. Oh man--I hate that! When I do get to sleep something wakes me...what an awful feeling.

    I know what you mean. I have had insomnia since I was little, and then I had a daughter that had horrible sleep issues. Seems like a cruel joke?

    But I am holding out hope for you that things will improve. I really, really hope they do. And I vote for going to an alternative or integrative health practitioner. It was only then that Pele's sleep improved dramatically because we addressed her horrible digestive and other issues that were waking her up at night and making her uncomfortable. Nothing I did on my own helped. That may not be true for your situation but I hope that it could be.

    Anyway...not trying to add pressure to you. I know you have too much of that as it is. Just sharing how valuable I found integrative and alternative health providers to be. I was resistant, actually, at first, but after the years of horrible sleep and then the seizures I decided I had no choice.

    I send you hugs and rest,

  2. Hi MM,

    It's weird, reading your comment made me think - is this one of those life lessons we need to learn, cos it's sure a pattern, isn't it?

    I've tried some alternative remedies - Valerian and Asphalia. They don't make that much difference, I think. I have to say, with Big Boy melatonin does the job beautifully! And it's a natural chemical, though manufactured for the tablets. But they say it's only good for when you first go to sleep, not for waking in the middle of the night. I used to be bad at falling asleep at night, too, but these days I'm generally so exhausted that's not the case *d'oh*

    Hugs and sleepy vibes to you,