Monday, 23 April 2012


The Astrology Reading Cards (Findhorn Press, 2012) have offered us up a House, a Planet, and now a Zodiac sign.

In the top right corner we have the constellation associated with Pisces, while the image itself, in aqua-green tones, shows two fish amongst waving seaweed, and circular patterns perhaps formed in sand.  The accompanying statement is: "This energy is wistful, endlessly loving, compassionate and forgiving. It confuses and softens resolve."

I think without the text I would be a bit lost with this card.  I see confusion, and patterns that may be unstable, but also someone who can help guide our way.  I really like the colours, and the bright fish near the centre does give the card an overall quite positive feel.

Thinking about traditional symbolism, the fish can represent the soul, and the waters of the deep represent our unconscious.  The soul must swim through these confusing and sometimes treacherous waters, yet despite the dangers, this is its home.  This says to me that accepting our emotions, acknowledging them even if we can't name or explain them, is easier when we stay at a soul level.

I shall try to do that today, as I go back to college and face the same supervisor I had last term.  We can only have the same supervisor a maximum of two times, which would be more encouraging if this wasn't going to be my last term anyway.  I shall hope that the positive reading last week bears fruit, and that I will be able to manage this relationship with confidence and for the benefit of all.  And as today's card suggests, with compassion to the fore, and forgiveness of the somewhat harsh words spoken last term.

I am grateful for the guiding light of my soul.


  1. I tripped over this deck last week and thought it was so beautiful as well as liking how there are the three categories of cards. I love the gorgeous, vibrant colors!
    I wish you all the best with your advisor Chloe. *hugs*

  2. Hi Krysten,

    Not sure how you "trip over" a deck, but I like the idea: "Ooops, sorry, didn't see you there, ah well, would you like to come home with me" :D

    The colours are amazing. I'm finding it a fairly upbeat deck, which I'm not sure I entirely like - life isn't just unicorn burps, as someone put it ;) Still, it's an interesting way of bringing astrology into a reading, and beginning to understand the energies of the planets, signs and houses.

    As for my supervisor, turns out it was a typo, and I have a really great person instead of him - so, my wish was definitely granted. She's someone who will act as a guiding light, helpful, supportive and knowledgeable - yay!

    Hope all is well with you and that your soul shines brightly.