Saturday, 7 April 2012


This week we get to explore the Silenus Tarot (Mike Indovina, 2009) - an interesting, mythologically-themed, self-published deck - a little more intimately :)

For this first draw, the Star comes out to shine.  In this deck, the Star showcases the myth of Prometheus, who brought fire down to humans from the Gods.  As such, he represents hope in the darkness, a guide to lead the way to better things and times, as well as sharing and generosity.

It's interesting that here we have a larger-than-life masculine presence to represent this generally feminine archetype.  Challenging traditional patterns, both in the cards and in our assumptions, is one of the benefits of using a variety of decks.  What difference does it make that hope here is represented as male, active, forceful and wily?  Does this say something about hope more traditionally being seen as female, subtle, gentle and encouraging?  What kind of hope would feel more helpful to you today?

As for me, I'll take all the help I can get ;)  Today, we're going to a small, local market in the morning, which should be fun.  Still, it's not always easy with a toddler.  Either he wants to walk on his own, and we have to mind out for all the people milling around.  Or else he refuses to walk, and we have to carry him!  I wonder what guidance we will find today?  Will someone be helpful, pointing us to a great little stall, or some lovely view?  Or will I be the guiding Star for Big Boy, helping him discover something new?  We shall see.

I am grateful for hope, both given and received. 



  1. Yeah, that is definitely challenging to wrangle a toddler in an open market (or any kind of store). Even now, with Pele's considerable ADHD stuff, every outing is an uphill struggle with her running to and fro and grabbing everything in sight. I feel like I never spend more than a moment or two anywhere. Oy! I hope you found something delightful distracting in a good way.

    Lotsa Hugs,

  2. Hi MM,

    Well, they had a "stone age" theme and a troupe drumming and dancing, which BB found highly entertaining ;) I think the three of us were the only ones dancing besides the troupe, but we had a whale of a time :D

    Music is something that guides us and gives us hope - right when he was tiny BB already liked it, and it's a great introduction to communication (turn-taking and the like). Now he has DVD's where they sign and sing, and he's received two certificates from school naming him the star pupil in music ;)

    Hope you've been having a lovely Easter, too. Are you spending it with family? Organising an Easter egg hunt?

    Huge hugs,