Saturday, 14 April 2012


What a great card to start this week of draws with Elaine Moertl's character-full Ferret Tarot (Elaine Moertl, 2003)!

I love this cheeky chap, representing so well the smug, I'm-the-King-of-the-castle side of the Five of Swords.  No gracious winner this, he grabs his spoils and blows the losers a raspberry just to add insult to injury. 

Today, I hope to run off with some great ideas and nice bits-and-bobs, but I don't think there will be losers.  I am researching more into some of the projects I have planned, mentioned in yesterday's post on spirituality. 

I am grateful for the joys of the internet, which makes finding out how to do things so much easier than in the past.


  1. oh my! this is SO adorable! :0

  2. Hi Bonkers,

    Just wait, this deck really is great! If you want to see all the cards, check out the review I did earlier in the week: :)