Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Retro-Techno Angel

The Steampunk Tarot. Text by Barbara Moore,
artwork by Aly Fell. © 2012, Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale
Drive. Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the
When I first went through the Steampunk Tarot (Llewellyn, 2012) this card was the only one that I didn't "get".  So, today the deck offers me the chance to remedy this lack of understanding.

In the lower part of the card we see a family, who seem to have been in a private dirigible accident.  Above them, an angel in a pilot's uniform and goggles winds a gramophone.  I can see here a variation on the traditional image of an angel with a horn calling to a family rising up out of caskets.  This angel is rather higher tech, and better dressed.  I love the golden glow of her wings and the way the grey billows of smoke edge towards the purple of wisdom as they approach the angel. 

Fundamentally, for me this card is about being drawn towards a higher state of consciousness, heeding something which has been calling you.  Whereas Death asks us to mourn and let go, and the Tower tells us we have to destroy the old before the new can come, Judgement is about a positive calling towards something new and better.  It can be about finally listening to your heart and changing jobs to something which is more of a vocation than a trade.  Or perhaps deciding to live our dreams. 

Of course, Judgement doesn't always herald such radical alterations.  Still, as Barbara puts it, "When the music beats to the rhythm of your heart and echoes the melody of your soul, you can only ignore it for so long."

As Easter approaches, we're off on holiday for a week.  So, I'm hoping that this image isn't meant literally *eek*  Well, we're going by train, rather than car or plane, in any case.  And in fact, that's part of what I see in this card.  In the past, we've had bad experiences taking Big Boy on holiday.  One of his medical conditions means that he has suffered a lot flying.  This time, we're going by train, and hope that way we can usher in a new era, where family holidays become possible and fun, rather than torture for all involved.  As for how this connects to the idea of heeding a call, I guess it's about listening to both the melody of Big Boy's soul and my own and my Dear One's, and hopefully creating a way for us all to dance together joyfully.

I am grateful for the chance to grow and change.

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