Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Another planet hoves into view with today's draw from the Astrology Reading Cards (Findhorn Press, 2012).

In the foreground, a man builds a wall one brick at a time.  In the background, we see the potential fruits of this labour: a fortress castle.  The card  says: "The part of you that accepts challenge to gain wisdom."

Saturn's energy is all about boundaries and restrictions, but it's true we can learn a lot from these.  An easy  life does not make for a rich and fulfilling life.  I have mentioned before a book called "Finding Flow" and one of the things the author says is that for a good life we need challenges that stretch us without overwhelming us.  I see that here. 

Taking the wall one brick at a time, we can celebrate our successes and enjoy the process.  Just thinking about the enormity of the task ahead - a whole fortress to build - might drain us of the will to ever begin.  Restricting our view to what we can do now allows us to accomplish more than a completely open field might, as writers may well acknowledge when faced with a blank page.

I'm not sure what challenges I face today.  I have several projects in the pipeline, and several deadlines, but they are all either close to completion or a very long way off.  Maybe that's what it's about: that I need to focus on what is doable now for the projects which have a far off deadline.  Otherwise that deadline will get closer and closer, and suddenly the project will look overwhelming.  If I get started now... :)

I am grateful for the reminder that I need to do a little bit regularly to stop my projects getting on top of me.

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