Monday, 9 April 2012

Silenus Court Couple

I'm really enjoying doing this exercise (suggested by Ali at This Game of Thrones) with different decks, when possible.  Each offers such a different perspective.

Today we have the Kings of Swords and Wands, from the Silenus Tarot (Mike Indovina, 2009).  In both of these, the respective Kings are doing battle, fighting for what they feel is important, willing to take on larger than life challenges.  In the King of Swords card, Heracles frees Prometheus from bondage, and Mike gives the meaning: authority and innovative ideas.  Meanwhile, in the King of Wands we see Menelaus (Helen's husband) capturing the sea god, Proteus, in order to receive his advice.  Mike's meaning: wisdom, enthusiasm and growth.

What I see is two wise leaders who do what they think best for their people.  Heracles (King of Swords) uses his smarts to achieve his goals, while Menelaus (King of Wands) uses his strength and enthusiasm to garner wisdom and other traits he may not naturally have.  I think they would get on quite well, able to appreciate each other's strengths, and make the most of them.  They might simply use each other for their own purposes, at least at the outset.  Still, their common goal - good and wise leadership - might well lead them to be friends in time.  They might always have a bit of a battle about who's in charge in any given situation, and I can just hear the kind of bragging competitions they might get into: "Did you hear about the time I..."

Although Air and Fire are complementary, they can be quite explosive together, and that's certainly something I see here.  As a couple, I can imagine some quite passionate fights, and even the make-up sex might involve a battle to see who goes on top ;)


  1. Interesting that one is freeing someone while the other is capturing.

  2. Hi Arwen,

    What a good point! Not sure what to make of that. Any suggestions? :)

  3. It would seem that they are a good team of catch and release. :D

  4. Hmm, I'm going to have to go check out the King of Cups now, too. I remember the King of Pents - he's sowing dragon's teeth to create an army, so doing some "making". Perhaps these aspects represent their suit better than I'd thought. Wands - catching the spark, swords - cutting things free, pentacles - making. Dang, don't have the deck here, so I'll check tomorrow when I'm home...

  5. OOOH Layers and depth. I really love that you do this. :D Except for that whole "WANT WANT WANT" thing that happens. I enable myself enough. I do not need your wicked help, young lady.

  6. Ha ha, that's definitely the biggest danger of reading tarot blogs. So often, I see a deck and think, "I don't need that." Then, someone blogs with it, and I think, "Wow, it really is interesting, I hadn't realise that or that aspect." Dangerous ;)