Friday, 13 April 2012

Spiritual Path Reading

Yesterday, I was reading a book by a fellow TABI Member - The Fool's Journey, by Kristina Jackson (writing as Kay Darling).  I haven't yet finished it, so I won't review it here, but the point is, it inspired me.  Reading what she wrote about following a spiritual path, I was reminded that this is something I have wanted to focus on more for a while.

So, I decided to do a reading on what I need to know about my spiritual path right now.  As I was on a train coming home, with everything packed but my phone, I used my Legacy of the Divine app (Ciro Marchetti, 2009) and then sent the reading to myself, cropped it, and funkified it.

Where I am now - Three of Wands

What I see in this card is that, currently, my spiritual path is more of a nebulous dream than a reality.  Lately, I haven't been meditating or pathworking, I've rarely done anything with my altar, and despite wanting to do something creative and goddess-oriented, I wasn't sure what.  So, theoretical enthusiasm, but so far it's all bubbles in the air.  This card is a reminder that my ships won't come in if I don't first set sail!
Don't - Three of Cups

My first impression of this was - should I not focus on music?  Recently, the only meditation or prayer I have been doing has been chanting, so giving up on that would reduce my creative, meditative spiritual time pretty much to zero!

However, on consideration I think what it's saying is that my focus should be solitary rather than group-based.  Also, that I shouldn't sing about what is not yet done, shouldn't celebrate anything until there is something tangible, rather than just emotional wishings and musings. 

Do - Four of Swords

What I wrote first for this was: rest up, retreat and meditate.  Those still feel like important things.  In terms of resting up, I'm exhausted at the moment, as Big Boy is quite ill again and had me up changing horrid nappies twice in the night, as well as giving him analgesics three times.  In fact, the nasty nappies have been happening for about three nights, now.  However, that's not the main thing, here.

As for retreat, that fits well with the message of the Three of Cups - these cards could almost be opposites.  And meditation feels important, too.

Vitally, though, I feel there is a message about planning - preparing for what is to come.  I've done a bit of that this morning, and have more in mind.  This also links to my reading on eating earlier this week.  There I drew the Two of Swords to represent what I should aim towards, and I saw it in terms of needing to find two ideas that would balance one another out, and perhaps act as a distraction.

My ideas now, nearly 24 hours after I did the draw, are really coalescing here.  I have plans for something which will work both as a creative, goddess-oriented outlet, and which should also work as a distraction for me at my worst time of day - sitting in front of the TV for the one show a night that my Dear One and I watch.  I wrote in a post a couple of years ago about the terrors of eating in front of the TV, and we now always have our dinner at table without the TV on.  But having a little something sweet afterwards, now that's a different story...  I hope, with this new plan, that will change.  Following on from the last card, though, I won't tell you about my plans until I actually have something to show for them!

Where I'm headed - Nine of Wands

I was a bit surprised when I first saw this card.  Heading towards feeling battle-weary doesn't sound very positive or spiritual!  So, I looked at the card more intuitively.

What I saw then was the idea of being headed towards some sort of self-dedication, of making an offering to the Goddess.  Two of my creative plans can hopefully be achieved in time for Beltane.   And some of my more meditative plans can come together for then, too.  That, then, is my goal, and if things work out there'll be some WIP up-dates, so stay tuned :)


  1. whenever i see cards from this deck i'm reminded of how much I just love it.

    good luck with things :]

  2. I see the guy in the 9 of Wands as someone who has come far and is near to completion. He's on the way to completion, even if he is weary. He stands by and protects that which he believes in.

  3. Hi Bonkers,

    It is a wonderful deck - and an excellent app, too! Thanks for the well-wishes, I'll keep you posted :)

    Hi PLN,

    Hmm, not sure I see myself as being anywhere near completion! ;) Still, I can get behind the "protecting what I believe in" aspect. Defending it by living it, maybe... Thanks for the comment, gave me some food for thought :)