Friday, 20 April 2012

Tarot to the Rescue

Maat Tarot
Yesterday, I spent the whole day in business meetings.  The majority of the time we were in a fairly large room - there were fourteen of us in there at some points, as well as a large conference table.  However, the room was originally designed to be the CFO’s office, before being repurposed as a conference room, and the air flow is not up to the job of dealing with fourteen people’s body heat and odours!  Coming back into the room after a quick loo break, it was like being slapped in the face with stale, stinking air - horrible!  And to make matters worse, that sort of stifling atmosphere is very soporific.  I wasn’t the only one struggling to keep their eyes open at some points.

I would love to be able to suggest to them that they get some rock crystal lamps, or an ioniser.  However, I fear that might be seen as awfully new-agey and weird, and this is a very conservative company we’re talking about - a masculine, engineering company, where women are only rarely found in the upper echelons.  Of the fourteen of us in the meetings, I was one of only two women, and we were both “outsiders”, called in for our psychological and sociological understanding of corporate dynamics and individual motivation.  Weird enough, without suggesting anything “peculiar”.

Maat Tarot
Now, falling asleep in an important meeting is a definite no-no, not good for my future contractual prospects!  So, I decided to ask the cards what I could do to help myself out in this situation.  Fortunately, taking a quick peek at my phone wouldn’t be frowned upon, so I pulled up my Maat Tarot app (Julie Cuccia-Watts, 2006) and did a three card action draw. 

For my current situation, I drew the Three of Coins - teamwork.  Spot on :)  For an action to take, I got the Nine of Wands.  In the image we see a woman with a baby in a reed basket.  Julie Cuccia-Watts suggests a need to nurture something over time, and in secret.  I wondered, “what can I do in secret that will help me stay awake?”  What popped into my head was the expression, “I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake,” normally associated with dreaming.  Still, I thought it a good idea.  And so, every now and again, I pinched myself hard on the arm, under cover of my suit sleeves.  I still have a few marks today, but at least I didn’t fall asleep.  Tarot to the rescue ;D


  1. LOL! That made me laugh. Were there no windows in there? I guess not! Silly people. I can see you sitting there pinching yourself. Well, look at it this way, you could be doing that or my job--explaining to library regulars why it's a bad idea to wee on the sofa.

  2. Hi Carla,

    Dear me, I hope it's the little ones you have to explain that to! ;D

    My Dear One has suggested that I recommend an air filter and hydrator, which should be science-y enough for them to take on board. I'm going to try, as I have a meeting there again in a month's time and I don't want any more bruises!

  3. This is hilarious. What a great post!

    You had to literally pinch yourself?!!! Ouch!

    I authorize you to wear a gas mask or whatever helps. I wonder if dabbing an essential oil under your nose or on your wrists would lend some freshness and perkiness?

    I like your hubby's recommendation. Absolutely. I have one you could bring if you lived closer...

    Sending sweet smells and fresh air,

  4. Hi MM,

    Yes, we have a hydrator in our bedroom, and it does make a difference. I have now sent an email to one of the high up PA's suggesting it, so we'll see what happens!

    Fresh breezes to you too :)

  5. :) I hope it didn't get too painful!

  6. Hi Cher,

    It did a little, but that was the point, after all ;)

  7. Chloe, the regulars we deal with are not children, but come to the library because it's a safe place. We get a lot of homeless and special needs folk in as daily visitors. It's okay, really. Makes me feel like I'm contributing. Then of course for the next few days, I get reports like, 'Carla, I went to the toilet at the community caff, and washed me hands, too.'

  8. Hi Carla,

    Hmm, just what you want to know, I'm sure ;) Still, good hand hygiene must be important if people are going to be handling books! Sadly, with the cuts to day centres and so on, many people don't have anywhere much to go. Nice to know they receive a warm welcome from you.