Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Third House

This week I will be drawing from the Astrology Reading Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert (Findhorn Press, 2012).  The deck is intended to be used split into three groups, Houses, Planets and Signs, as I did in yesterday's reading.  Still, as a learning exercise for someone who isn't up on their astrology, and who is still getting to know these cards, I think I will benefit from drawing a daily card.  I also believe these cards will work just fine that way, too.  We'll see if I'm right ;)

Today's card is the Third House, representing our potential for learning and our neighbourhood.  What strikes me is that the image shows a plethora of books.  Now, I adore books, both paper and electronic -  loving having the kindle app on my phone!  And I enjoy academic learning (I'm onto my second Masters degree, so I'd better *grin*).  Still, this week I have become very aware of the limitations of book learning. 

I have been getting crafty, taking up knitting again for the first time in twenty five years (and I wasn't especially adept at it the first time round, as a young teen), and crocheting for the first time in my life.  What struck me most was the weakness of words, and even still images, to describe moving, physical practices.  I have been delighted by YouTube, with its wealth of "how to" videos. 

It's like being taught by your mother, only better!  Better because the person giving the instructions has no emotional investment in you learning, and because you get to see and choose from a number of different styles both of teaching and of doing.  That's another thing which has struck me: there isn't just one way to knit or crochet. 

There are different ways of holding the needles and the yarn, different ways of casting on and so on.  The first way I saw to hold the work didn't feel right to me at all.  The second just looked right, and the moment I picked up the needles my stitches were faster and more even - result!

My experience with astrology is a little the same: not everyone has the same keywords for the third house, for example.  Delving in my books and on-line, I found talk of communication, siblings, travel, and the environment.  I guess communication can be linked to learning, and the environment would connect with our local neighbourhood, but still...

I like this card's connection, though, between learning and neighbourhood. At first, it had me nonplussed.  Then I thought about another huge learning resource - online forums.  These are our virtual neighbourhoods, and certainly somewhere I turn for learning and sharing.  Thanks to a TABI friend (hi, Viv), I have joined a site called Ravelry, and am already learning so much from the people there, too.

I am grateful for learning in all its guises.


  1. These cards are so beautiful, arn't they Chloe! Like you, I know very little about Astrology, so was a little floored by the multiple meanings, held by different people.

    I love what you say about YouTube. It has been the same here with sewing. Just watching someone do something has been so much more helpful. It seems there are instructitive videos out there for just about everything. I have been watching them on how to draw Manga recently. It is like having several personal tutors at hand, who you can get to repeat a thousand times without feeling awkward, lol.

  2. Hi PLN,

    Yes, they are definitely beautiful! And for a beginner it's nice to have a simple sentence to get you started in understanding, then hopefully more can be added in time. I imagine someone proficient in astrology could put together very complex readings quite quickly...

    Oh, can't wait to see some of your Manga drawings! It's a style I really like. Have you got Lo Scarabeo's Manga Tarot? I love that deck!

  3. A gorgeous card and I love the way you've linked it to learning within the community... whether that be off or online.

    Youtube is amazing! I'm about to learn how to do a magic loop using circular needles. Knitting in the round has always been difficult for me but with the help of a few videos maybe this time I'll nail it ;) Let me know who you are on Ravelry... you can find me there as Woollywishes :)

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Have sent you a friend request on Ravelry - I'm InnerWhispers. Don't like to confuse myself with too many names :) Good luck with knitting in the round, I'm in awe of people who can do these things!