Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Once again, the Astrology Reading Cards (Findhorn Press, 2012) show themselves to be uplifting even in trying circumstances.

This deck certainly seems to try to stay empowering and uplifting in all its messages.  Today's image reminds me of the Tower in tarot, yet the lightning here does not destroy, but illuminate.  It feels like it is kept in check or channelled by the bubble that surrounds it, allowing its crackling energy to break apart the molecules in its path without causing damage.  The card states that this represents: "Your potential for sudden change, enlightenment and awakening."

Today, Big Boy goes to see one of his doctors again, and I must confess I hold out little hope of change or enlightenment from this source.  Perhaps it is more likely that it will encourage me to change my approach.  I have been wanting to try more alternative healing possibilities with him, and another disappointment may help give me the push I need to do so...

I am grateful for options.


  1. Wishing you and Big Boy all the best today and sending you love and healing. <3

  2. Thanks, Krysten, much appreciated! <3

  3. I definitely see Uranus as something new and unexpected. It can be a fresh burst of inspiration. I agree with your being jaded with doctors. I felt horrified by most of the doctors we saw for Pele. The sleep specialists, the neurologist, the this the that. None of them really understood Pele as a whole. They just took everything piecemeal. I definitely felt a lot better about how the naturopathic doctors approached her care. Of course, I didn't like that it was expensive but I definitely had the sense that they were really trying new things and staying on top of her care, whereas the more traditional folks were much more likely to leave us in the dust. It's amazing what passes for care. They can take 5-10 minutes of looking at Pele or giving us options, and we leave with absolutely zero information. It's really a terrible thing.

    I hope you find some good options. Much love!

  4. Hi Chloe, I do so love this deck. I'm studying astrology and these cards look really well done visually. Uranus does represent the alternative, but also the cutting edge medicine like neuroscience, surgery and the like. All the best!

  5. Hi MM,

    Yes, that bit about "modern" doctors just seeing their little bit is extremely annoying. Some of Big Boy's care they do actually talk to one another, but it's the exception, rather than the rule. Even when one doctor refers you to another, and they both have input, they don't always communicate *slaps head*

    Hope you are having better luck with Pele's care right now.

    Much love,

  6. Hi Monica,

    Oh, I can see how it could indicate cutting-edge science and medicine - how interesting. Hope you're enjoying your astrology studies - perhaps you'll post a bit about them now that you're veg gardening is no longer taking all your time :)