Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Arrow King

Another Court card greets us from Holly DeFount's Incidental Tarot (2012).

The Arrow King (King of Wands) holds a golden bow, but no arrows.  Instead, these are emblazoned on his shirt: two steel-grey arrows that cross over his heart, linking him to the Two of Arrows.  He wields responsibility for more than just himself, so he does not simply hold arrows (projects, actions, or beliefs), but the tool to guide these into the world.  When faced with decisions, the purple of his shirt shows he brings wisdom to them.  Also, a fundamental respect for life and nature (the green undershirt). He will listen to different viewpoints, indicated by the two braids that hang down by his ears, then make up his mind and speak his own truth (the thicker, third braid beneath his mouth). 

I don't think I face any big decisions today, but I can certainly see a caution to act responsibly. Yesterday, I almost arrived late to see clients, because I was faring around on Twitter.  I know that it's my tiredness which makes me unfocused, but Big Boy is still up around 4am every morning.  I think this is a reminder to be responsible and go back to bed as soon as I can, to take care of myself and be fit for the things I must do.

I am grateful for sleep, when it comes.


  1. I just love your reading style Chloe! How much you see beyond what is in plain sight. Like the color of his clothing and especially the three braids! Brilliant! So much insight!


  2. Hi Krysten,

    Thanks, that's kind of you to say. I don't always get that much from a card, but I'm really finding this deck extremely inspiring! You can expect to see more readings with it in the future :)