Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Comparative Reading

Comparing card meanings and visuals is nothing new.  After all, that's part of what I do by using a different deck every week, and what was done on the Comparative Tarot forum for years, and with the Comparative Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2003).  Recently, though, I've been thinking about the nuances that can come from looking at the same reading as a whole, through two different decks.  This week, I decided to give it a go, with the Sun and Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2010) and the Incidental Tarot (Holly DeFount, 2012).

So, I did a three card reading, Pathway Spread, and then interpreted each depending on the deck.  I didn't purposely make the readings different, but I did them on separate days, and without referring to the other. 
Incidental Tarot (Holly De Fount, 2012)

Now - The Oak King, Don't - Five of Arrows, Do - The World

It's a time when we're called on to act maturely, for the good of all those to whom we bear responsibility, to ensure that everyone is well at a physical level.  Practicality comes to the fore, and duty, though there is also room to enjoy the physical pleasures of life.

We must avoid explosive disputes, and being too focused on one thing to see what is around us.  Being at crosspurposes with others will serve no useful function.  The advice is to tread lightly, to work towards a sense of completion and fulfillment that includes others, rather than battles against them.

Sun and Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2010)

Now - King of Pentacles, Don't - Five of Wands, Do - The Universe

The situation is one which calls for a calm, steady approach.  This King of Pentacles suggests the need for (re)connecting with nature, for being loyal and steadfast.  Allowing others their time and space is a part of that.

The cards suggest we should avoid conflict, or even seemingly productive competition. Instaed, this is a time for seeing that we are complete within ourselves, and expressing that through finishing up projects and making healthy choices.  Yoga would be a good choice, whatever the question ;D
I found this a very interesting exercise.  The readings, though similar, were also really quite different.  It makes me think just how important it is to choose a deck for a given reading or querent.  You can also do this exercise to get another perspective if a reading has you a bit stymied.  Why not give it a go?


  1. so very very true. same cards can give quite different messages depending on the deck :0

    1. Hi Bonkers,

      It's funny, there was a poll a while back of tarot readers, asking them if they thought a particular deck was especially good for romantic readings or spiritual readings etc. I didn't answer, as I really think you can do any kind of reading with any deck - the question plays a big part in my interpretation, too!

      Still, within that I now realise that certain decks are more likely to make me think about particular aspects of a reading, or particular ideas. The Sun and Moon has quite a lot of yogic influence, as you know, so yoga might often spring to my mind as an answer from it ;)

      I'd still say that you can perfectly well do a romantic, work or spiritual reading with the Sun and Moon, but if you have a querent who hates the idea of yoga, then they may not get the answer they need from any of those readings if done with this deck, as it would put me in yogic mindset. Not just the asanas, but the whole ethos, you know?

      Perhaps this is why it's important to let the querent choose the deck, where possible... *thinking face*


  2. I really enjoyed this post Chloe. It is making me want to make more of a concious decision about the decks I bring out to the Square. I will often times say a prayer asking which decks I need to bring with me, then hand them over to the client and tell tehm to choose which one they'd rather. If a person comes across as a very direct, assertive type of person, I just go ahead and use the Faulkner Tarot given its images being black and white photography. There are still many subtle nuances to be gathered from these cards, but I find they work best with no-nonsense people who want youto just give it to them straight, no fluff, no beating around the bush. But I will have to try this technique for myself.


  3. Hi Krysten,

    Thanks, glad you liked the post. And yes, it made me think about how I choose decks for querents, too - that I might put an option on my readings page for people to choose which deck they want me to use...

    It's interesting, our taste in decks is often similar, but I don't have the Faulkner - never really been tempted by it as it seems too plain. Hmm, maybe I need to give it another look ;)


  4. To be completely honest, I never in a million years would have chosen The Faulkner deck. I often laugh because we do have very similar taste in decks. Many of the ones you use are on my Amazon wishlist. They were actually a gift from Rhiannon. So due to that fact and knowing the very sad, but beautiful story behind the deck, I decided to work at making a connection with the images. It took quite some time because as you understand, I love bold colors and more fantasy, dreamy-like, artistic decks. She has a seris of YT videos that I watched in order to study the cards and that helped a lot. And you know what's crazy? The vast majority of the time people choose that one when I am in The Quarter lol. I am always surprised too, because I have so many people say that my beloved Vampyre decks scares them.... In New Orleans... Vampyres scare people... wth? And they choose the deck with black and white photography over all others. Go figure.

    Can you add the option for an email to be sent when you respond to a comment? I just realized by accident that I needed to reply to a couple of your comments, so I apologize for the delay :-)

    1. Interesting how we come to decks, and how we bond with them. As for querents choosing it, and being scared of Vampyres, I even had a querent say they found the Crystal Visions to be dark! Guess it depends where people are at, and if they are nervous of tarot anyway, then anything can make that worse...

      Still looking for the subscribe to comments by email thingy - I think there is one right under this to the right... Will check it out.

    2. Yeah, the button to the bottom right of the comments will subscribe you! :)