Thursday, 3 May 2012

Eye of the Storm?

A lot of fiery energy is coming out of the Incidental Tarot (Holly DeFount, 2012) this week!

Here we have the Eight of Arrows (Wands).  Eight arrows fly in organised formation towards a green hill, beyond which the sun seems to be rising.  Or perhaps that is the shining light of the arrows themselves...  I can certainly see traditional ideas of getting things lined up to move forward in a concerted, structured way.  Less clear is the sense of movement, of things happening quickly.  If anything, these arrows seem almost suspended in the air.  Still, sometimes that's how it feels, the calm eye of the storm.  Everything may be whirring around us, yet we find our calm centre, and move through the maelstrom as though through a calm summer's day.

I see my therapist today, and he is often a calm port in the storm for me.  He offers a place to reflect on the busyness, the trials and tribulations of life.  And things have certainly felt like they were moving quickly this week, as I have put a new project into place for work, including website and social media publicity. 

I am grateful for dynamic energy, and for a calm place to assess all that has been done and all that still needs doing.

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