Monday, 21 May 2012

Golden Angel

©Ricardo Minetti & Anna Lazzarini
Today's card from the Manga Tarot (Lo Scarabeo, 2006) has a rather different perspective from the traditional.

Here we see a golden-winged, feminine angel with a sword.   She looks intent as she flies from left to right - moving towards the future.  She has a pink body cuirass, protection overlaying her enlightened nature.   There is no sign of humans, rising out of graves or otherwise.  However, we look up at the angel from below, as though we are seeing her flying above us, leading the charge into a new day.  She is not focused on us, on judging us, but on where to go next.  Perhaps she is encouraging us to join her...

Yesterday, before my godchild's christening, I meditated on Judgement.  For me, it is often a card of hearing a calling, and responding to your higher self.  There is an aspect of speaking your truth, and yet what I see here is more about acting from that truth, that higher self.  Certainly, during the christening, I acted from my conscience, without doing or saying anything obvious.  I found a way to speak the words asked of me without feeling they were lies, and of balancing up some of what disturbed me with my own words and images.  It made me think about how staying with our own spiritual truth doesn't have to interfere with someone else's spiritual truth - I feel no need to evangelise!

I am grateful for both the strength and the gentleness of my beliefs.


  1. I think it's really cool that you were able to do this and do it from your own perspective, without overly interfering but also without betraying yourself. It's quite a conundrum-figuring out how to do that in life.


    1. Hi MM,

      Well, I realised that it was largely to do with my mindset, as I know the parents of my godchild are happy for me to not be a Christian. So, I just changed my own mindset, and did some visualisations and silent affirmations to express my own vision. I'd still rather not have been put in that position, but I respect why they did it.

      Hope you've had a good start to the week.
      Monday hugs,