Sunday, 6 May 2012


The Sun and Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2010), takes a quite modern-feeling approach to the tarot archetypes.  The lack of faces on the people at first struck me as strange, but actually it leaves their emotions more open to interpretation.  And body language also speaks loudly!

Here, in the Five of Wands, we see two people with five wands between them.  Similar to all the Wands cards, the sky is black, the earth is brown, and there are flames in the foreground.  I rather like the keyword "strife", with its connotations of conflict whether in the form of a quarrel or a fight.  And yet, it takes co-operation to hold a stick between two others the way they are doing with the top most stave.  So, there is some agreement and some disagreement - it isn't an out-and-out battle.  Then again, friends can hurt us far more deeply than strangers.  I notice, too, the way that their clothes echo one another - a yellow top on one side, yellow trousers on the other, and red trim on one t-shirt, red stripes on the other.  An interplay of similarity and difference, and which makes them more likely to fight?

I imagine the strife today may be between what Big Boy wants to do and what myself and my Dear One want.  Big Boy is interested in cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, fire engines... you get the picture.  Whereas we'd rather go for a walk on the local heath, surrounded by green.  Still, we'd also rather not deal with a tantrumming child, so I'm guessing a walk along the High Street may well be in our future.  There may also be something about juggling what my Dear One and I each wants, and whether it feels like a battle to both get our needs met...

I am grateful for a bit of give and take, even if it may take some negotiating.


  1. It's not an easy juggle! At least you and your other half like doing the same things. The three of us like to do different things. Tricky!

    You could always let Big Boy take a big bag of cars and trucks out with you when you go onto the heath? They he gets what he wants and you get what you want!

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali,

    Well, there must be some things you like doing together? Like making and eating pancakes ;)

    Might try the idea of taking toy cars with us to the Heath, thanks!