Monday, 14 May 2012


Ah, the Tower, my old friend.  The Magic Manga Tarot (AGM Müller, 2008) may be a very pretty deck, but that doesn't make it gentle or "safe" ;D

A grey building with stairs spiralling up the outside of it is, at the top, a toga-wearing male figure with flowing curls.  His mouth is open, as though crying out in pain or anger, as lightning strikes him and he shatters and crumbles.  Already his arms have been cleaved from his body, falling away, and a deep crack reverberates down to his very foundations.

With this card a quote (from Dylan Thomas) comes to my mind: "Do not go gente into that good night!"  He seems to fight, to try to flee the lightning.  Yet how can a building flee?  Its very solidity, which before may have felt like a protection, which is his identity, is now what binds him to the spot to suffer the agony of destruction.

I quiver when I see this card. What will be destroyed today? And how will I face life under these new circumstances?  Today is my day at college, and I have to present to the supervision group.  I wonder if I will gain some insight from the feedback which will totally alter my perspective, or just encourage me to feel I should be doing something different.  Yeah, ok, my confidence isn't great right now, I'm not feeling enthusiastic and I worry I'm on the wrong path, and not good enough.  May have to get back to you all on this one...

I am grateful for the potential for growth found in every challenge.


  1. Oh...

    Sorry for the stressful potential in this card!

    I hope it is something helpful rather than all out destructive!

    Lots of luck to you,

  2. Hi MM,

    Well, my presentation actually went fine. I think perhaps what this card pointed to was the fact that there was just three of us there, and we ended up talking about having disabled children - definitely the hugest Tower experience of my life. So, nothing shattering today, but a reminder of all that has changed in my life and perspective since Big Boy...

    Hope you had a good Monday!

  3. Good luck, but you know that card could just mean that you may have an insight into something that changes everything for you, like an ah ha moment. The tower doesn't just mean destruction, although it nearly always means out of the blue, but it offers one a chance to break down that which maybe has kept them trapped - it could be a way of thinking or acting etc. and it paves the way for a fresh start to create something that forms a stronger foundation. It's not necessarily a card to be feared it can be very liberating.

    Now I've just read your response down here after I wrote this, so it reaffirms that it's not always a shattering experience, but you did get the chance to discuss and re-evaluate how your life has changed. Remember that it is a no. 16 card that breaks down to 7 that that is a number in tarot that often represents insight, wisdom and personal growth. It helps us look inwards and learn to accept our own limitations - the Tower supplies one with the means to rebuild stronger values etc.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Thanks, you make some very good points. I especially like your numerical take on it - easy to remember, and empowering :)