Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Love At First Flight

©Holly DeFount - Sun, Blue Buddha, Awakening
Well, today's card of the day, the Two of Cups, was most appropriate!  I am totally in love with Indoor Skydiving, and can't wait to do it again.  My personal reading with the Incidental Tarot (Holly DeFount, 2012) was also really accurate.

In the morning, I didn't have time for my daily meditation, which I have done religiously for the last three weeks - hence "don't do" the Blue Buddha (the Hermit).

As for the rest, this has been a day full of metaphorical sunshine (though meteorological hail!).  It was such fun driving up to where the Indoor Skydiving chamber was, and body-flying for the first time.  My Dear One and I were there with just one other person who was also flying for the first time.  We all watched an introductory video, then had a talk from the instructor.  After suiting up in bodysuits, goggles, earplugs (it's noisy!) and helmets, we went up to the chamber, and got to watch some more advanced people practising and learning new skills.  Then it was our turn :D

Our official package gave us 2 one-minute "flights", but we all opted to have extra - the two men had another one each, and I had two as I was just loving it!  Although we hadn't had it spelled out at the start, there was a checklist of 10 things that we might possibly do in this first session, of which the other guy managed 4 (just about), my Dear One managed 5 (with some panache), and I did 8!  Already on my second flight the instructor showed me how to exit the chamber by myself - flying out of the room - and on my third he showed me how to enter by myself.  On the fourth flight he would tap a cross on one of the four main walls, at one of three different heights, and I then manoeuvered to it to high five it, and finally him - six in a minute!

This was such an eye-opener.  I imagine most people have had dreams where they fly, and everyone I've heard has always loved these.  I feel like I have awakened from a dream to find it was real.  It was such an amazing feeling, and I can see it could be addictive.  It takes quite a bit of body awareness and control - I'm sure my twenty one years of yoga stood me in good stead!  At the end our instructor did a mini-demo of the kind of flight you can achieve - it was stunning.  So, here is my certificate, and you can bet I'll be going again!


  1. Chloe!!!! Oh my stars I am utterly thrilled for you! How exciting!! I am so going to have to try this myself!You are my fellow SkySister LOL!
    (can you repost your certificate? it doesn't seem to be showing)

    1. Hi Krysten/SkySister!

      It was awesome!! I've re-posted the certificate. Next time I'll buy the DVD they can do of you flying, and get some pics, too :) And yes, there is definitely going to be a next time! You should so give this a go, it's an awesome feeling to be flying and then tilt a hand or draw in your arms and tilt around or move forward. It's definitely a sport - lots of focus and control necessary, but oh, the sensation!

  2. Wow, what an experience! Thanks so much for telling us about it!

    1. Ha, I couldn't shut up about :) I'm still buzzing next day! ;D