Thursday, 17 May 2012

Magical Clarity

Another King greets us today from the Magic Manga Tarot (AGM Müller, 2008).

This one is more kingly in my eyes, though still youthful in appearance. He wields his sword with a more regal air, crossed over his heart, and looks at us straight on, unflinching . The red of his crown suggests that his thoughts are focused on practical matters, that he is connected to ancestral knowledge. The pink diamonds on his cloak imply a certain inner softness, which may not often be apparent. It is this compassion which he sometimes fights against, wanting to be seen as strong and decisive, hence his coving of his heart with the unsheathed blade of his sword, symbol of his sharp mind.

This King is one I would call on when decisions must be made, strategies planned, and when we cannot give in to our softer emotions, but must maintain a certain detached objectivity.  I often see him as a doctor, scientist, politician or judge.  Equally, though, we can call on these traits if, for example, we need to take a child to the doctor and stay calm and focused as we discuss what is happening and what is needed.

This isn't a card I would often associate with seeing my therapist. However, after a couple of very emotional weeks, perhaps it is time to calmly see where all this emotion has left me, to assess what has changed, and what still needs work...

I am grateful for clarity of vision and calm.


  1. I also think that by having his blade off-set a little, he is not so wedded to the concepts of 'right' and 'wrong' and maybe more concerned with mitigating circumstances or 'skillful' and 'unskillful'?

    Sending hugs (((hugs)))

    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali,

      I've always thought of the off-set blade as being about not being wedded to absolute truth/justice, but to actually having to act in the real world, to the best of one's ability given the circumstances. Which I guess is similar to your mitigating circs. Still, I like the un/skillful question, will have to ponder it :)

      (((hugs back)))

  2. his expression...very King of Swords indeed :0

  3. I see his blade in the left hand as him showing he can use it if necessary but it isn't in his power hand--unless he's right handed!

    1. Interesting, Arwen, I hadn't noticed the sword is in his left hand... Could say it's mainly for show, that he's not ready to wield it right now.