Thursday, 31 May 2012


Archangels grace the Majors of the Angel Tarot Cards (Hay House, 2012), and today we encounter Metatron.

Riding in a red chariot engraved in purple and green, a green and red robed male figure with enormous white wings speeds over a misty cityscape.  His chariot is drawn by two dramatic, prancing horses - one pure white, the other darkest black.  The key phrases match well with traditional interpretations of this card, and what I also get from the image is the idea of going your own way: he flies above the city, rather than following a road laid by someone else.  Something which this deck adds is the name of Metatron, an archangel to call upon if these characteristics are something you want to draw on.  It can be helpful to have a name and an image to attach intentions to, which the Majors of this deck very obviously provide.

I think I will need his self-discipline today, to make sure I finish up a client verbatim I need to present and use for my end of term paper.  So, no Facebook, and no blog reading!  At least until it's done :D

I  am grateful for my computer, which speeds up so many tasks.


  1. I'm really liking this deck. I think the community buzz has been a kneejerk reaction overall. From what you've shared, this deck is NOT all sweetness and light.

    BTW? Your CAPTCHA is getting increasingly harder to deal with. :(

    1. Hi Arwen,

      Tbh, it's never going to become one of my favourite decks, but I do think it's a decent deck. The main issue was the advertising, and there I reckon they're onto a win-win situation. You know the old saw: "There's no such thing as bad publicity"? Well, they've got everyone in the tarot world talking, for sure! And people outside it may respond favourably to the silly idea that anything can be "100% safe, gentle and trustworthy" ;)

      Sorry about the CAPTCHA. I imagine it's a general thing, I've found other people's getting tougher, too. Maybe, once again, as bots get smarter, we have to work harder :(

    2. Grin, well the pagan community had a similar kerfuffle about Scott Cunningham. :D The CAPTCHA is now showing, along with letters, fuzzy pictures of numbers. OY. :D

    3. Yeah, I had that on someone else's blogspot blog earlier today - took a wild guess at the number *rolls eyes* Didn't know about the Scott Cunningham kerfuffle, might have to go take a look ;)