Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mutual Support

I think the Angel Tarot Cards (Hay House, 2012) are playing with me!  For the third day in a row, I'm faced with an Air/Swords card.  And not just any Air card, either: first the Nine, then the Five, and now the Three.  Nightmares, defeat and heartache!  Certainly, the deck seems to want to explore how "safe and gentle" it is :D

The image on this card seems more cute than sorrowful.  Two white adult unicorns stand together, and a little brown foal leans up against them. Only the defensive watchfulness of the adults, and the shadows that are cast across the group hint that all may not be well.  However, when we read the key phrases, a more forthright picture appears.  Great sadness, the need for time to heal and for forgiveness are all there. 

I suppose this shows that a painful image is far more in-your-face than words: the picture is gentle, and open to a variety of interpretations; while the words are more subtle in their influence, but more direct in their approach, and truer to traditional interpretations.  If you want to face the heartache you can, or else just stay with the image. 

And yet, having read the text I cannot fail to see the defensive postures, the shadows, and the murky brownness of the background.  Gentle, maybe, but the bite is still there.

For me, what I see in this card today is the need to pull together as a family, to deal with our sadness.  Yesterday, we had to have one of our two cats put to sleep, as he had a brain tumour.  We had been warned about it a few months ago, but over the last few weeks he deteriorated shockingly.  My Dear One, in particular, could do with hearing that he should forgive himself - he wasn't happy and shouted rather a lot when the cat started going to the toilet all round the house, including on his cycling gear! 

I am grateful for the chance to give and receive loving hugs.

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