Monday, 28 May 2012

Peacock Dragon

Today, the Angel Tarot Cards (Hay House, 2012) show us a Court card - the King of Fire (Wands).

Riding calmly atop a huge dragon with peacock-like feathers, this King exudes strength and confidence.  I also see fire, drive and an eye for beauty here.  However, I'm not sure about some of the key phrases - I associate the King of Swords more with communication.  Then again, it's true that I see the King of Wands as being about vision, charisma and leadership, which are also here.

On the principle that a Court card is related to his or her steed, this card makes me wonder: is the King of Fire a bit of a peacock?  Certainly, charisma doesn't require good looks, but can make us feel attracted to someone even without them.

The only thing I really don't like about this card (in fact, it's a quibble I have with a number of cards) is the fact that this character was also seen on the Two of Fire.  Likewise, "Michael" on the Emperor card, is also on another Major and a Court card - and doesn't even get a change of wardrobe, which at least this guy did!

I definitely don't see myself in today's card!  I'm feeling far too bleurgh to inspire myself or anyone else - mainly tiredness, and I really need a few days of calm.  In many ways, I see my Dear One in this King (though he sees himself as being softer, more Queen of Wands).  Perhaps today he will take charge of something that has been hanging over us for a while...

I am grateful for a partner who can be strong and gentle.

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