Saturday, 5 May 2012

Puppet On A String

This week I will be drawing from the Sun and Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2010).  Although I've had this gorgeous deck since it was published, I've not used it on the blog, except for a spread I designed at the TABI Conference 2010 :)  So, about bloomin' time!

For this first draw I pulled the Eight of Swords, titled "interference".  I have to say, I considered trimming these titles off in the scanning process, as I don't much like them.  Still, sometimes keywords do act as a trigger for something, so I left them on.

Just looking at this card, the song "Puppet On A String" comes to mind (no, I wasn't born when it came out!)  In the song, it is love that controls her, though a rather unhealthy, dependent love.  What I more often see in this card is being controlled by our ideas, and in this case these are not necessarily even our own ideas, but ones that have been drummed into us (by parents or society), or imposed on us from above.

Today, I still have more filing to do, and there's definitely a feeling that it's something I do because I've been told I must.  My Dear One suggested just binning things which I probably will never need and could ask for a copy of.  It's so daring I may just do it!

I am grateful for new perspectives.


  1. i adore this deck to bit, nice to be able to read your take on the cards this week :]

    1. Hiya Bonkers,
      Yes, I think I saw some of your posts with this deck a while back :) It is really lovely, no idea why I haven't blogged with it much before. Hope you'll enjoy the week, and I may try out something a bit different...

  2. This deck really does have its charms!

    I know what you mean about the words, particularly on the Thoth-style decks. They seem so harsh! But, they can be helpful in triggering meanings and mental processes.

    I agree with the hubby--get rid of that extra stuff! WE REALLY need to do that, too. We have a storage unit full of stuff that we need to sort through. I honestly don't know what to do with a lot of it.

    Anyway...feeling grumpy today but trying to look on the bright side. :)


    1. Hi MM,

      Yes, today's card I actually found the title sparked some things, I think that's why I can't chop them off, even on scans ;D I did end up binning quite a lot, and am feeling quite virtuous, though there's still a few bits more to do #paperworkisunending :(

      Sorry to hear you're feeling grumpy. Hope you can get out of the house, maybe see some sunshine, or at least find a flower to smell, or something to laugh at - all good therapy :)


    2. Oh, awesome! You definitely should feel virtuous!!

      Yes, I think most of the time I have to defer to the wisdom of the decks I use. I try not to ignore the words or images if I can help it, but sometimes I do anyway. Heheee.

      I am less grumpy today so far, though it's only 9:30am. Hehe. I think my period being around the corner and Pele being super moody lately (not sure what's going on...) has contributed to it.

      Also: as you say--I think I need some new outlets and to get out more, both socially and just literally. I wish you lived nearby--I'd love to hang out with you!

      Sorry I haven't posted more but I have been visiting your blog and reading. I hate this restless ennui!

      Much LOVE and MERRY WEEK to you.

      This is SUPPOSED to be a happy, juicy month astrologically...


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