Thursday, 10 May 2012

Stripey Princess

Despite being a fully illustrated pip deck, the Thoth influences on the Sun and Moon Tarot (U.S. Games, 2010)  are perhaps most apparent in the Court Cards.  The Kings are youthful-looking and ride horses, the Pages are Princesses, and some of Lady Frieda Harris' perspective and symbolism is maintained.

That is certainly the case with today's card, the Princess of Wands.  Standing atop a pillar of flame, and with a stripey tiger wending its way around, the most "Sun and Moon" part of the aesthetic of this card is provided by her striped stockings :)  With great enthusiasm she holds aloft a red, five-petaled flower, or perhaps one of those mini-windmills, which would certainly spin fast in the updraft from the fire.  She is alive with potential, reaching for the stars, fierce and playful.  She could yet fall from her podium, but we have to marvel at her courage in climbing it in the first place.

I feel the need for some of this young woman's bravery today, to face my therapy session.  Last week was incredibly emotional and cathartic in a good way, but exhausting, too.  And I know I'm not done with what was begun.  So, a gentle kick up the backside from a stripey foot will help me buck up and face my demons ;)

I am grateful for a spoonful of fierceness as required.

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